Ashton Marra Published

Former DNR Director Named Senator's New Liason


Senator Joe Manchin has appointed the former state director of the division of natural resources to a new, elevated post. 

Manchin named West Virginia’s former director of the Division of Natural Resources Frank Jezioro the senator’s new liaison to sportsmen and natural resources. Manchin was recently tapped to serve as co-chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus and will hold a position on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in the new Congress.

Jezioro retired from the director’s position last month after nine years in office. He was appointed by then-Governor Manchin. A representative of Manchin’s office says the new post will be a paid one, but did not know how much Jezioro’s salary will be. In 2013, Jezioro made $75,000 as director of the DNR.
Last spring, a bi-partisan group of some 30 state lawmakers sent two letters to Governor Tomblin calling for Jezioro’s resignation.
A source in the legislature says he believes Jezioro’s appointment is meant to help mend Manchin’s relationship with the National Rifle Association. Members of the NRA criticized the Senator after he supported stricter gun control measures.