Ashton Marra Published

Eric Trump Attends W.Va. Fundraiser, Libertarian for Governor Wants Change


Donald Trump is still working to raise money in West Virginia, this week sending his son to a joint national/state finance committee event. State Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas what Eric Trump told supporters in Charleston. 

In Appalachia, the presidential candidates’ differing stances on coal is a major concern this election cycle. Donald Trump has of course promised to bring the industry back, but has given few details about how he’ll accomplish that feat.

Hillary Clinton has said she’ll put miners out of work, but is pushing a big plan to reinvest in coal communities. State Impact Pennsylvania’s Marie Cusick visited one of those communities just across the border from West Virginia in Green County, Pennsylvania, to get the local take on the race.

In statewide races, David Moran is not a new name for some West Virginia voters. The Libertarian is running for governor for a second time after finishing fourth in the polls in 2012. Moran is running on platforms that include abolishing the state’s personal income tax, cutting state boards and programs that he sees as a waste of taxpayer dollars, decriminalizing marijuana and increasing access to substance abuse treatment programs.

Moran discusses his platforms, his politics and the importance of having an alternative voice in the gubernatorial race.