Ashton Marra Published

EPA Reaches Final Day of Public Comment on Proposed Carbon Emission Rule

Mt. Storm Power Plant

Monday is the final day the federal Environmental Protection Agency will accept comments on their proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from coal fired power plants.

The EPA announced the rule in June of this year aimed at cutting CO2 emissions for the country by 30 percent by 2030. Individually if the rule were approved as is, West Virginia would have to cut its emissions by 15 percent compared to 2012 measurements.

At the time it was announced, state Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Randy Huffman said the new standard would force West Virginia to burn less coal and replace it with another energy source.

A report issued earlier this year by West Virginia University’s Center for Energy & Sustainable Development and other partners suggested the state focus on energy efficiency and increasing the use of natural gas to help meet the new standard.  

The EPA is accepting comments until the end of the day today. Those comments are being collected electronically.

Governor Tomblin has scheduled a press conference for 3 p.m. Monday afternoon to discuss the state’s comments on the proposed rule.