Jim Lange Published

Eclectopia: Why Not the Mambo?

This week’s show is all over the musical map.

So, how’s that any different from any other show?

Good point. This week we embrace funk, rock, alt folk and the once king of dances- the mambo.

The man with the greatest mambos ever. Plus, those irrepressible shouts are classic.

Perez Prado was called the Mambo King. He is easily identifed by his famous grunts (Huh!) that you hear throughout the nearly-off-the-rails brass arrangements of his band.

Lest you think me being ironic with all this mambo business, thus embracing hipsterdom, I am not. This is fiery, vivacious, Latino music that gets me moving.

So, mambo on, ye music lovers and cut a rug tonight at 10!

Don’t forget the Saturday midnight repeat.