Delegate Miley Says Jobs Are Available in Harrison County


As the legislature begins its session, the Republicans now holding the majority tout job creation as their main focus for the next eight weeks. On the House floor today, Delegate Miley of Harrison County noted that there are plenty of jobs in the north region of the state.

With job creation on the forefront of this legislative session, Delegate Miley invited his colleagues from the southern part of the state to tell their constituents about career opportunities in his district.

“I always refer to people to a website called, it’s the number one job site online, and within 25 miles of Clarksburg, West Virginia there are almost 1200 jobs available, 300 of which pay over $60,000 a year, and within 50 miles of Clarksburg, there are 3000 jobs available, 800 of which, pays over $60,000 a year. And my point in sharing that with you ladies and gentlemen is that some parts of the state are experiencing prosperity,” Miley said.

Miley said most of the jobs are in the oil and gas industry.

In his state of the state address Wednesday night, Governor Tomblin noted the need to provide coal miners and their families with the critical training to explore a different career path.