COVID's Impact On Homelessness, Work, Life This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in more homeless West Virginians. But just how many? We explore this question. Also, we have the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic in West Virginia, and we hear how the pandemic has affected the life and work of Us & Them host Trey Kay.

In West Virginia, state health officials are reporting lower daily infection rates, fewer hospitalizations and less deaths from COVID-19. As June Leffler reports, this improved outlook comes with new vaccine clinic locations later this week.

Even as vaccines are distributed, West Virginia is still digging out of the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It has been felt by many. But just how many West Virginians have experienced homelessness for the first time because of the pandemic? Duncan Slade tried to find the answer.

It’s been nearly a year since COVID-19 came into our lives. Suddenly, it changed everything and forced all of us to stop and reconsider how we live day-to-day, moment-to-moment. These considerations and adaptations are something that Trey Kay, host of WVPB’s program Us & Them has carefully explored over the past year. A podcast called Story Collider — a show where people tell true, personal stories about science — asked Trey to talk about how he’s lived and worked in the pandemic. They wanted to know what has helped him get clarity on COVID. Here’s an excerpt from the latest Us & Them podcast release — “Seeking Clarity on COVID-19.”

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