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Conversation With W.Va. Black Pride Foundation And Stephane Wrembel Has Our Song Of The Week, This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, Pride Month is underway, and the West Virginia Black Pride Foundation is carving out a space specifically for Black LGBTQ community members. Jack Walker spoke with founder and Executive Director Kasha Snyder-McDonald to discuss her organization’s vision for a better West Virginia for Black LGBTQ residents.

Also, in this show, 14-year-old Kyneddi Miller was found dead in her Boone County home in April. A police report said she was found in a near skeletal state, her grandparents and mother have been charged with abuse and neglect. Recently, there have been conflicting reports about the actions of state agencies involved in the case and calls for accountability. Briana Heaney has an update on the story.

And, our Mountain Stage Song of the Week comes to us from Stephane Wrembel. We listen to her performance of “Bistro Fada.” He’s joined by Josh Kaye, Ari Folman-Cohen and Nick Anderson. This Django-influenced tune is heard on his fifth album Origins, which became the theme song for Woody Allen’s 2011 Oscar-winning film, Midnight in Paris.

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