Dave Mistich Published

Congressman Mooney of West Virginia Calls On GOP Colleagues To Support Trump’s Efforts To Overturn Election

Alex Mooney

Republican Congressman Alex Mooney of West Virginia is calling on GOP colleagues Tuesday to support President Trump’s efforts to challenge the results of the November election.

Mooney, who represents West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, proposed a resolution titled “Counting Every Legal Vote.”

The effort, introduced during a call with the House Republican Conference, offers support for Trump’s post-election efforts to question the results in key states he lost and seeks to “investigate and punish election fraud.”

In a statement on Twitter, Mooney said he would offer a similar resolution to the entire House.

“I hope my GOP colleagues today choose to adopt this resolution supporting President Trump’s efforts to count every legal vote and investigate and punish election fraud,” Mooney said. “I call on my fellow colleagues in the House GOP Conference to join me in sending a strong, united message of support for President Trump. No Republican member should prematurely call on President Trump to concede before these investigations are complete.”

By Tuesday afternoon, Mooney tweeted again that the resolution had been introduced in the House. The social media post included a photocopy of the resolution.

Democrat and President-elect Joe Biden decisively won the election with 306 electoral votes — and a popular vote margin of about 7 million votes. However, Trump and his legal team mounted unsuccessful court challenges in states where the results were close.

Trump has refused to concede the election to Biden, baselessly claiming the election was rigged.

Mooney has long been a vocal supporter of Trump. In October 2019, the congressman, along with other Republicans, stormed into a secure facility where a House committee was holding meetings ahead of the president’s impeachment.