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Conduct Hearing Set for Ex-W.Va. Supreme Court Justice

Allen Loughry

Convicted former West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry faces a conduct hearing next month.

The West Virginia Judicial Hearing Board has scheduled the hearing for Feb. 6 in Charleston on charges that Loughry violated judicial codes of conduct.

Loughry had repeatedly denied involvement in lavish renovations of his office, including to a House of Delegates committee. But a state Judicial Investigation Commission complaint said Supreme Court records show he had a significant role in them.

Loughry was convicted in October in federal court of multiple felony counts, mostly for using state cars and fuel cards for his own use. He is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.

Loughry was removed as chief justice last February after other justices learned he kept a federal subpoena secret. He was suspended from the bench in June and resigned in November.