Concerns Around Funding For 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, reporter Chris Schulz spoke with Margaret Pomponio, CEO of reproductive health and rights advocacy group WV FREE, to learn more about HB 2002. If passed, the bill would create the West Virginia Mothers and Babies Pregnancy Support program and fund Pregnancy Help Organizations to encourage women to give birth in the case of unplanned pregnancy.

The bill comes after the legislature passed a law during last summer’s special session that outlaws abortion with a few exceptions for rape and to preserve the life of the mother.

We also take a look at the first week of the legislative session with the season’s first reporter roundtable. Reporters Randy Yohe and Chris Schulz sat down with West Virginia MetroNews’ statewide correspondent Brad McElhinny to discuss what they saw this week and what they expect the major stories will be in the coming weeks.

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