Coming Soon: The West Virginia Channel

The West Virginia Channel

Updated Jan. 1, 2016: The West Virginia Channel is here!

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is proud to announce that in January 2016, The West Virginia Channel will be on the air.

Currently called WVPBS 2, the channel will feature programs about West Virginia and Appalachian culture, history and current affairs, as well as some of the best educational and news programs PBS has to offer, such as Frontline, Nova, and PBS NewsHour.

“The hallmark of The West Virginia Channel will be live gavel to gavel coverage of the West Virginia Legislature,” said Executive Producer Beth Vorhees. “During the 60-day regular session, we will provide our viewers with the opportunity to watch live floor sessions of the Senate and House of Delegates, as well as presentations and public hearings.”

“We’re proud to offer this new service to tell West Virginia’s story,” said Scott Finn, executive director of West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

“We’re seeking more programming for and about West Virginia from independent producers of all sorts,” Finn said. “We also plan to be out in the community, doing more live broadcasts of the events West Virginians care about.”