Climate Change, Coal, & The Thompson's Research

Lonnie Thompson

In Washington, Senate Democrats are pulling an all-nighter on Capitol Hill. They’re on the Senate floor, talking about global warming. They started Monday night and plan to go until this morning.      Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who’s leading the dusk-to-dawn talkathon, says climate change is “a question of our own survival.”

In Charleston last night, Lonnie and Ellen Thompson were doing the same thing at a shorter lecture.  Ellen is from Kanawha County.  Lonnie is from Braxton County. They met at Marshall University, married in 1971 and they are noted scientists who travel the world studying climate change.  Last May, they were in west central Tibet drilling into ancient glaciers to determine the age of the ice there.  They have been around the world, several times over, to drill into ice and study it. 

Ellen Thompson

Credit Byrd Polar Research Center

The Thompsons warn their audience about the carbon footprint we all are making. They stopped by our studio yesterday before the lecture.