City Hopes Redesigned Website Betters Image


Huntington officials announced yesterday morning a major redesign of the website for the city.

Mayor Steve Williams and Huntington officials felt it was time to change an outdated part of the city, the website. Huntington’s digital presence had fallen behind, according to city leaders. Williams said they had to make a better first impression.

“They’ll come and start to look and get a first impression from the website, the proper first impression will be a lasting one and we believe that it will lead to people understanding that this is a city that is comfortable for families to live as well as businesses to grow,” Williams said.

After bidding out the project the city went with locally owned Bulldog Creative Services to build the site. The new site will make it easier to find information needed for starting a business, finding needed forms and in the future paying bills. The site features a “Business Wizard” to walk people through the steps of getting started in establishing a business. Williams said they have to help entrepreneurs.

“What we want is if someone is seeking to do business in the city is to make the process much easier, they can actually go through the business wizard or through or the icon at the top, business and actually guide them through all of the forms they need,” Williams said.

The site can be found at