Jim Lange Published

Cherese Weaver: Modern Antiquity


The sculptures of West Virginia artist, Cherese Weaver, are quite stunning. You don’t just look at them as much as you feel that they are looking at you. And when they look at you, it’s like that person you meet who sees you for who you really are. That’s how powerful these pieces are.

She has captured something primal, like lost civilizations, with a gallery of faces that may be the gods and goddesses of the mythic imagination of antiquity.

These are Jungian archetypes, the dreams of artists living millennia ago, that she has brought forth through her voracious interest in archeology, anthropology and theology.

I believe that she has tapped into something real; meaning these faces are part of the Collective Unconscious.

At an exhibit, a historian pointed out that she was making Jōmon pottery and yet she had no knowledge of that period.

This all sounds otherworldly, yes? I believe there’s an element of that present.

So, take the tour of the pictures and listen to the interview.