Charleston Mayor to Governor: Veto This Municipal Gun Ordinance Bill

Danny Jones

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones says he will meet with Governor Tomblin very soon and ask him to veto a gun bill passed by the legislature last week.

Senate Bill 317 makes gun laws uniform state wide. But the bill defines a municipally owned recreation facility as a swimming pool, recreation center, sports facility housing an after school program or other similar facility where children are regularly present.  The bill permits a person to carry a lawfully possessed weapon into such a center, as long as it is stored out of view.

Mayor Jones is pretty upset about it.

“One of those rec centers is associated with Kanawha County schools and if you carry a gun onto school property, it’s a felony. And so I’m wondering if legally if they can even do this.  So, we’re ready to go to court and we’re ready to do whatever we can do to challenge this and to put a stop to this.”

Jones said he and city officials toured one rec center this morning to determine where lockers could be located so that firearms could be securely stored as the bill requires.  He says the city won’t install lockers and that the state should pay for them.

He also blames gun lobbyists from out of state for pressuring lawmakers to pass this during an election year.