Cedar Creek Residents Seek Water Solutions as Coal Company Stops Deliveries


On this West Virginia Morning, in May 2016, a jury found that a coal company owned by then-candidate for governor Jim Justice wasn’t responsible for contaminating the water wells of several Wyoming County residents. Still, an order requiring the firm to provide temporary fresh water stayed in place, and the water kept coming — until recently, when it abruptly stopped. Molly Born has the story.

Alos on today’s show, there’s a national storyline that’s told about parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. It goes like this: As the steel and coal industries fade, small towns here are literally dying out. But for the past twenty years, some entrepreneurs have quietly been working on a different narrative – one that leverages the region’s natural beauty to build the economy. As part of our Appalachian Innovators series, The Allegheny Front’s Julie Grant reports that their slow climb is starting to bear real fruit.