Curtis Tate Published

Capito: Republican Senate Likely To Keep Climate Law’s Tax Credits

A worker in a yellow vest and a hard hat stands in the middle of a construction site with orange fencing and construction equipment in the background.
Timet's construction site near Ravenswood.
Curtis Tate / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

No Republicans in Congress voted for President Joe Biden’s signature climate law. But West Virginia’s Republican Senator now says she’d keep some of its provisions.

U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito and all of her Republican colleagues voted against the Inflation Reduction Act two years ago.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives wants to repeal it. 

Still, the law has brought some big clean energy investments to West Virginia and Appalachia through its tax credits. Those include Berkshire Hathaway Energy in Ravenswood, Form Energy in Weirton and GreenPower Motor in South Charleston.

Capito says the tax credits should be safe if Republicans take control of the Senate next year.

“And I can’t imagine that those would go away, because those are spurring investment,” she said Friday at an event in Charleston.

Democrat-turned-Independent U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin was one of the primary drivers behind the legislation.