Briana Heaney Published

Boone County Girl Update: Justice Confirms Police Drove To CPS To Make Referral

Governor Jim Justice sits at his hardwood desk, which has a piece of paper on top of it. He is wearing a suit and looking forward. Behind him stand the American and West Virginia flags.
Justice said he cannot disclose confidential information to reporters regarding the case.
WV Governor's Office

A West Virginia State Trooper said he saw Kyneddi Miller nearly a year before her death and filed a Child Protective Service (CPS) referral in person at the agency’s Boone County office in March of 2023. Yet CPS has denied any record of this. 

In a briefing yesterday, Gov. Jim Justice said his administration had confirmed that the police officer’s cruiser was at least in the parking lot of CPS on the day the officer said he filed a report. 

Miller was found in a near skeletal state in her grandmother’s home in Morrisvale on April 17. 

Reporters pressed the governor with questions about accountability and transparency in the case. He told reporters to wait for the investigation to be closed. 

“If you just let the thing play out, that’s all I’m asking you to do,” Justice said. “Let the investigation play out. If it plays out, and somebody’s really dropped the ball, they won’t be here to drop the ball again.”

Justice said the state agencies involved will self-report information to the governor’s office as part of the investigative process. 

“Once we gather the information, if we have reason to believe we didn’t get all the information, or there’s people that are withholding stuff and everything, then we’ll dig deeper,” Justice said. 

He also commented on CPS records from years prior that mentioned the now deceased fourteen-year-old girl, despite ongoing claims from CPS that they had no records related to the girl’s death at all. 

“I know about those two reports,” Justice said.  “Where one was made about something I don’t know if it was drugs or whatever it may be, but one was made about that. Kyneddi was referenced because she was in the home.”