Book Lovers of Charleston Celebrate 90 years

Charleston Woman's Club

In December, 1923, 13 African American women in Charleston met to discuss their love of books.  The club these women formed would continue to thrive for the next 90 years.  The Book Lovers of Charleston is celebrating this weekend with a party.  Membership to the book lovers club is by invitation, but this party is open to the public as the group’s gift to the community.

Yvonne Moore was asked to join the Book Lovers of Charleston 16 years ago.

“Mrs. Ruth Stevenson Norman, who died not too long ago, was the last was the last remaining founder. I met her. She met me not long after I came to Charleston in 1972 so I can honestly say that I knew and visited in her home and had tea with her.  She was an unbelievable educator in this valley.” Yvonne Moore, member of the Book Lovers of Charleston The Book Lovers of Charleston will celebrate its 90th  anniversary with a party at the Women's Club on Virginia Street in Charleston on Sunday afternoon at three o'clock.  The public is welcomed to attend.