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Audit: College Bought Condoms, Sex Enhancers with State Cash

Shepherd University Sign, McMurran Hall

An audit says Shepherd University employees used state money to buy sexual enhancers and other items that could have been deemed “extravagant,” ”unallowable” or for “personal use.”

The Legislative Post Audit Division released the report to a legislative panel Sunday.

The audit shows a $57 receipt for condoms, K-Y Jelly, and Vital Erotic Shots. The purchase, titled “RA Program,” was approved in 2012.

Another employee paid $1,151 to rent a car for a month and a half while state cars were available.

Employees bought $1,272 worth of clothes for university police that weren’t part of the uniform.

Another employee spent more than $1,000 on personal meals that weren’t flagged as unallowable.

About 19 percent of the $323,000 in purchasing card transactions reviewed in the audit had missing or no documentation.