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AUDIO: Tomblin's Sunday Briefing / Water Company to Establish Website for Clearing 'Zones'


West Virginia Gov. Earl Tomblin says water tests are encouraging after a chemical spill tainted the supply, but people are still being told not to drink or bath in the water.
 West Virginia American Water president Jeff McIntyre said the company is setting up a website and automatic call system to let customers know when flushing of the system can begin. He said that process will be done by “zones.”

Tomblin did not give a timetable Sunday for when people might be able to use the water again. But Maj. Gen. James Hoyer, of the West Virginia National Guard, did say that testing near the water treatment facility has consistently been below 1 part per million.
That’s a key step officials needed so that they can begin the next step of flushing the system.
About 300,000 people were told Thursday not to use the water after a chemical leaked from a plant into the Elk River and tainted the water supply.