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Attorney General Warns Consumers of Utility Scams

Patrick Morrisey, W. Va. Attorney General

West Virginia consumers are being urged to beware of callers claiming to represent utility companies and other impostor scams.

The state attorney general’s office says impostors have been known to pose as employees from electric, cable or public service companies and threaten service interruption in order to steal money and personal information.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s office said in a news release consumers should watch for callers who demand prepaid debit cards, such as Green Dot cards, as a form of payment, or for callers who give inadequate notice of an impending disconnection.

If you have questions, call the utility’s legitimate phone number from the monthly bill or the company’s website to verify that payment is due.

Anyone believing they have been the victim of a scam can report it to Morrisey’s office at (800) 368-8808 or (304) 267-0239.