Curtis Tate Published

Appalachia Could Gain Population From Climate Change, Report Says

Fall colors cover the rolling hills of West Virgnia under a clear sunny

Appalachia could be one of the regions that gains population as a result of climate change. That’s according to a report from an investor group called Invest Appalachia.

The 13-state region, but in particular West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and North Carolina, is poised to become a top destination for Americans moving due to climate change.

The report cites the region’s elevation, milder temperatures, ecological diversity, water resources and proximity to at-risk regions.

It says such in-migration could spur an economic revitalization of distressed communities. But it also cautions that it could bring new challenges such as rising home prices and cost of living.

The report says Appalachia has been overlooked in the discussion of climate migration and recommends research, planning and investment that can support the region in the future.