Alternative Approaches To Addiction Treatment And W.Va.'s Ongoing Foster Care Woes, This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, the state is looking at a new way to encourage addiction treatment providers to do better, based on how stable and sober their clients are months or even years after initial treatment. We take a closer look at this initiative.

Also, in this show, during this most recent legislative session, House Bill 4344, the foster care bill, was one of the most discussed. It passed 99 to 1 in the House but died in a flurry of strike and insert actions during the final hours in the Senate. We look back at what the legislation would have meant for thousands of West Virginia children and families.

Finally, as coal experiences new demand, coal producers are having a harder time getting the rail cars they need to move it. We take a closer look at what’s slowing the trip from mine to market.

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