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After 2012 Stunner, Ex-Con Makes Another White House Run

Keith Judd

As Donald Trump, Hillary and Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigned in West Virginia this month before thousands of voters, ex-convict Keith Judd slipped into the state unnoticed.

Judd is a Democratic presidential candidate who received 41 percent of the vote in the state’s 2012 primary against President Barack Obama. This time, he wanted to see West Virginia for himself.

With no rallies, Judd spent a quiet week visiting towns in West Virginia before departing Sunday — two days before the primary — for his hometown of Midland, Texas.

He was unable to do much in 2012 because he was in prison. He spent 15 years behind bars for threatening and trying to extort his wife in divorce proceedings and for a parole violation. He was released in 2014.