Advocates Weigh In On How To Protect Environment, Property Rights As Natural Gas Grows


We begin a two-part series on West Virginia’s energy sectors. West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s energy and environment reporter Brittany Patterson looks at the forecast for oil and natural gas production and includes perspective from environmentalists and private property owners. Also, host Suzanne Higgins speaks with statehouse reporter Emily Allen for the latest in legislative action.

In 2019, oil and gas production in West Virginia was up. But severance collections were down – affected by low natural gas prices and the slowdown of pipeline projects. Meanwhile, state economic developers continue to push for expansion, especially in related downstream industries.

Brittany Patterson spoke with West Virginia University students to learn about their view of the industry’s future.

Joining Patterson on set is Angie Rosser, Executive Director of West Virginia Rivers Coalition, and Dave McMahon, of the West Virginia Surface Owners’ Rights Organization.

Tomorrow on The Legislature Today, a forecast on West Virginia coal production and a conversation with members of the House Energy Committee.