ACA Supporters Hold Mock Trial to Advocate for Health Law


The fate of the Affordable Care Act was back in federal court today after a lower court judge ruled the law unconstitutional. If the ruling is upheld, the entire United States healthcare system would undergo massive changes. In Charleston, supporters of the Affordable Care Act held a mock trial in front of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s office in support of the law.

Morrisey is one of 20 Republican state attornies general and governors who filed a legal case last year arguing that the Affordable Care Act was unlawful. A lower court judge ruled in their favor. Today, that case is up for appeal.  

In response, about 14 ACA advocates gathered outside Patrick Morrisey’s office at the capitol to hold a “mock trial.” 

“Witnesses” were called up to testify about what losing the Affordable Care Act would mean to them. 

The event was sponsored by two community advocacy groups: West Virginia Citizen Action and Rise Up.

The groups are concerned that if the federal ruling is upheld, people with preexisting conditions could lose coverage, preventative care services may no longer be covered and Medicaid expansion could be rolled back. 


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