Assistant IT Manager

Job Opening – Information Technology Specialist:

West Virginia Public Broadcasting, an award-winning statewide public media organization, is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our team as an Assistant Information Technology (IT) Manager.  The Assistant IT Manager will help our IT Manager oversee projects and day-to-day operations of a small IT team supporting a large, complicated network, server, and desktop deployment which supports our media production and broadcasting efforts.

Salary is commensurate with experience. This is a Full-Time, Exempt (40 hours/week, M-F) position, with some call outs when needed. Benefits offered—medical, dental, eye, and state retirement.

Location: Will be based out of the Charleston, WV HQ Office.  Some travel will be required between offices in Beckley and Morgantown. 

Travel: All travel will be done in a provided state vehicle when travel is necessary. You may travel in your personal vehicle and be reimbursed for the mileage.

Key Attributes for Candidates:

  • Self-Motivated – Ability to complete tasks and assignments with little or no oversight.  Capable of determining task details given a broad assignment.  Performs to best of ability without external pressure.
    • Organized – Capable of maintaining complicated systems and configurations.  Understands the value of documenting systems, configurations, and ongoing changes.  Skilled at planning and executing complicated software and hardware integrations.
    • Problem Solver – Ability to assimilate and analyze information from multiple sources to solve complex problems.  Clear, logical thinker with a structured approach to problem solving.
    • Disciplined – Conscientious worker.  Can execute tedious tasks without becoming sidetracked or taking short cuts.  Able to oversee projects from planning to completion within appropriate time frames.
    • Good Communicator – Able to discuss complex issues with both technical and non-technical individuals in a manner that is comprehensible to everyone involved.  Can communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. 
  • Leader – Able to direct personnel and oversee projects in a positive and motivational manner.

Required Skills and Training:

General Skills – Applicant must be proficient in the following areas:

  • Installation and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Server operating systems
  • Proficient in Active Directory, Azure, and Group Policy
  • Installation and maintenance of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
  • Networking fundamentals
  • Backup and disaster recovery policies and solutions
  • Maintaining and upgrading server hardware
  • Firewall configuration and maintenance, experience with Sophos XG firewalls a plus
  • Knowledge of storage systems, devices, and solutions
  • Desktop systems, Mac and Windows
  • Helpdesk and staff support
  • Project development, design, implementation, and oversight in all the above areas
  • Valid Drivers License

Specific Skills – Applicant must be able to independently perform the following:

  • Install and maintain a multi-node Windows Server 2016 Cluster
    • Connect to multiple subnets
      • Employ NIC teaming on cluster
      • Program Link Aggregation (LAG) on network switches
      • Use Ethernet trunking on cluster to switch connections
    • Use an Enterprise NAS unit as primary storage for the cluster
    • Configure high availability
    • Implement backup and disaster recovery policies and procedures for the cluster
  • Configure Windows Cluster as a Hyper-V host
    • Build and configure virtual machines
    • Transfer virtual machines from one system to another
    • Backup / restore virtual machines
  • Build a new storage network
    • Configure multiple Enterprise NAS units to build a new storage network
    • Analyze and document current storage systems to move files / information from current storage systems to new storage network
    • Analyze and choose disaster recovery and backup solutions – implement on new storage network
  • Project development
    • Analyze existing equipment and infrastructure to determine areas of improvement
    • Develop projects to address areas for improvement
      • Design and outline project: include deadlines and steps to achieve goals
      • Implement project:
        • Order equipment as required
        • Determine most effective use of staff and assign project-related tasks
      • Oversight:
        • Track progress and provide additional help, training, instruction, and suggestions to staff
        • Monitor orders and adjust deadlines when necessary
    • Provide status reports to upper management

Experience – Applicant should have:

  • 3 years’ experience as an Information Technology technician in a production, non-support environment
  • 1 years’ experience in the following areas:
    • Windows Servers: 
      • Installation and maintenance of the Windows Server operating system
      • Installation and configuration of the following roles:  web / ftp server, Distributed File System (DFS), Clustering, and Hyper-V
    • Networking: 
      • Local Area Networking
      • Wide Area Networking
      • Switch and router configuration including IP subnetting
    • Storage:
      • Installation and maintenance of NAS devices
      • Installation and maintenance of Storage networks
      • Configuration and maintenance of:
        • Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)
        • Microsoft DFS Replication (DFS-R)
        • Microsoft Storage Replication (SR)
        • RSync
  • 1 years’ experience in a supervisory IT position


Education – Applicant should have a four-year college degree in Information Systems or a related field.

Certifications – the following certifications are highly desirable:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – Routing and Switching
  • Microsoft Storage and High Availability with Windows Server, course MS-10971
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows Server 2012 (or later)

Substitutions – Experience may be substituted for education or certification as follows:

  • One year of appropriate experience may substitute for one year of education
  • Two years of appropriate experience may substitute for a listed certification

Application Instructions:

Applicants should email a resume to