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A Conversation On Documentary ‘King Coal’ And W.Va. Town Advocates For End To Gun Violence, This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, each year, tens of thousands of Americans die from firearm injuries. In 2022, that figure included more than 300 West Virginians. Nationally, U.S. residents are split on a solution. But residents of a town in Brooke County are advocating for an end to gun violence through political organizing, public art and prayer.

Jack Walker spoke with three Bethany residents about their annual demonstration, and the changes they’re pushing for in the Mountain State.

Also, in this show, film director Elaine McMillion Sheldon’s latest documentary is called King Coal. The imaginative film focuses on central Appalachia, how coal mining has influenced its culture and how that may be changing. Inside Appalachia Host Mason Adams spoke with Sheldon and co-producer Molly Born about the film.

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