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'A Change of Tune' Interviews Coyotes in Boxes


This week, “A Change of Tune” host Joni Deutsch interviews Kyle Baughman (drums, vocals) and Steve Holland (vocals, bass) from the indie rock band Coyotes in Boxes. The band is currently based in Nashville, but these Box-loving Coyotes still have a fond place in their heart for their alma mater (Marshall University), their hometown musical heroes (Sly Roosevelt, Tyler Childers, Qiet), and their home state (West Virginia). Check out the interview below to hear more about Coyotes in Boxes’ new record, the band’s West Virginia roots, and why they think animal imagery reflects their music. If you’re a fan of rhythm-based alternative rock in the same vein as Manchester Orchestra, this interview and music are recommended for you.

Coyotes in Boxes turn the tables and interview Joni about Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Coyotes in Boxes just released “Yowler” this past August. You can see the band perform at the Huntington Music & Arts Festival preshow on September 26 at the Heritage Station. If you’re in the mood for great (and local) live music, head on over to A Change of Tune’s Facebook to find out how you can win tickets to the Huntington Music & Arts Festival. Otherwise, you can hear Coyotes in Boxes’ new music on Joni Deutsch’s “A Change of Tune” this Saturday at 10 PM EST on West Virginia Public Radio.