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2 Children Injured After Homemade Bomb Thrown into Window

Two Huntington children have been injured after a homemade explosive was thrown into their living room.

Christy Cabelltells WCHS-TV that her children were taken to the hospital after a crudely constructed bomb made from a liquor bottle stuffed with fireworks was thrown through their home’s window Tuesday night.

Cabell’s 13-year-old son needed 13 stitches in his chest. The 2-year-old girl has several cuts on her face.

Cabell says that a few minutes prior to the explosion, a fight that had started between friends in her house spilled into the street.

The Huntington Police Family Crime Scene Unit is still trying to track down who threw the bomb. Police say no arrests have been made, but the culprit will most likely face malicious wounding charges.