Writers Contest | Winning Entries 2016

  • Kindergarten | First Place

The Magic Boy                   by: Dexter Curnette, age 5         

There was a boy who wanted to learn magic.

He didn’t know how to learn magic.

The boy went far away and found a witch.

He asked the witch to teach him all of the magic things.

Then the old man witch made a cup fly into outer space.

The cup came back down to the boy.

The witch agreed to teach him magic.

The boy followed the witch to the castle.

They saw a troll.  The witch said, “Hocus Pocus.” And the troll turned to stone.

The boy now knew the secret to all magic.

  • Kindergarten |Second Place

Montana: The Best Present of All             by: Cassidy Ann Witt, age 6

Montana is a special horse.  He was my mommy’s horse. She had him for a long time.

When I was a baby, she gave me Montana as a present.  He was the best present of all.

I like to ride Montana at home by myself.  It is a lot of fun!

When I take Montana to a horse show we like to barrel race.  We turn three barrels and go as fast as we can.  We want to win.

I love Montana so much! I want to keep him forever.

  • Kindergarten | Third Place

Princess Shopping Day                   by: Jocelyn Curnette, age 5

The princess went to the store with her mommy.

They bought blue and pink crowns.

The crowns matched their new dresses.

They bought shoes to match too.

The princess and her mom had a dancing party later.

They shopped too long and the princess needed a nap.

She woke up in time for the dance.

Her Daddy was the King.  He loved their new dresses.

  • Kindergarten | Honorable Mention

Animals Get Flowers                      by: John Gabriel Grosso,age 5

Three animals get on a spaceship.  The animals are a deer, a giraffe and a jaguar.

The inside of the spaceship has controls, games and food.

The animals eat carrots, spaghetti, leaves and cheese.

The spaceship goes to the moon.

A shooting star comes to the moon.

The animals explore the moon.  They find flowers.

The animals bring the flowers back to the spaceship.

Then they go back to earth.

The flowers can make people and animals healthy.

The deer, giraffe and jaguar visit their friend the lion.

The lion has a sore throat, a headache and an earache.

They give the lion the flowers.  The lion is healthy again.

All of the animals are happy.

  • First Grade| First Place

Peacock’s Tale                   by: Elliot Jackson, age 7

There once was a young peacock who was a perfectly happy young painter.

Her grandpa came along and said, “Painting again? Can’t you find something better to do with your life?”

Peacock decided to see what her friends were doing with their lives.

First she visited turtle. “what are you doing?” she asked.

“Hauling bricks on my back for the construction site” he replied.

“Are you happy?’ she asked.

“Not really” he replied.  “I’d rather be gardening.”

Next, Peacock asked her friend rabbit what he was doing.

“I’m going to my office to work on my computer,” answered rabbit.

“Do you like your job?” asked Peacock.

“Not really” said Rabbit.  “I’d rather be a dancer.”

Peacock bumped into Grandpa again and asked him what he did for a living.

“Isold food at the market,” he told her.

“Did it make you happy?” she asked.

“Not really” he said. “I’d much rather have been a writer” he told her.

“Well,” she said “I can’t find anything better to do than paint.  Shall we make books together?  You could write and I could paint.”

“I’d love to,” Grandpa said with a smile, and they did.

  • First Grade | Second Place

The Big Race                       by: Isaac Blair, age 7

Today’s big race will raise money for the food pantry at the church.  It’s a long track with many sharp turns.

Blue Speed is the fastest and usually wins first place.

Mean Green cheats and doesn’t follow the rules.  He rams other cars to knock them off the track.

Fire Ball has only been in one other race.

While quickly approaching the seventh turn Mean Green passes Fire Ball and turns to say, “you can’t catch me.”

Then Mean Green takes his eyes off the road, he doesn’t see the turn and loses control crashing into a pond.  Blue Speed keeps racing away.

In the next sharp turn Fire Ball loses a tire and is out of the race.  With only one more lap Blue Speed is in the lead.

Red Fire was almost ready to pass Blue Speed when he crossed the finish line.  All the racers received sportsmanship medals except Mean Green.  Good sports must follow the rules, pay attention, and be kind to others.

Next week’s race will raise money to buy toys for the children. Who will win?

  • First Grade | Third Place

Onica                     by: Noel Marinaccio, age 7

Onica lives at the castle.  Onica is a unicorn princess in a stable.  Onica goes to the land of the stable.  She chills in there.  Onica really likes to eat breakfast.  She likes to eat flapjacks.  Onica wants to be in the throne room.  She likes to chill in the throne room.  It was so quiet in there.  Onica goes back to the castle and swims in the stream.  But the stream is big and Onica goes inside the stream.

  • First Grade |Honorable Mention

Lollipop World                   by: Isabella Gee, age 6

This is Lollipop World.

Lollipop farm grows candy vegetables. Candy carrots, green beans and corn.

The chickens on the farm lay big sweet chocolate eggs.

Bubble gum rain falls from the clouds.

There are gumdrops for rocks. Jelly worms in the dirt and watermelon candy pops for trees everywhere.

  • Second Grade|First Place

Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit                            by: Remington Blair, age 8

Why eat something good? Because you should!

Can you name a fruit that is green? All you need is to wash it clean.

Mangoes are ever so yummy in my rumbly, hungry tummy. Scoop Kiwi with a spoon and eat it all gone by the moon.Would you like a sliced pear?  Promise to always share.

Can you name a fruit that is yellow? Have it as a snack with some Jell-O.

Bananas in groups of three came off the very tall tree. Starfruit twinkle in the night beneath the morning light. A juicy lemon slice in my water is very nice. The rough pineapple has a spine that makes a hard middle line.

Can you name a fruit that is orange?  Can you find a word to rhyme with orange?

Grapefruit is extremely sour so add a big sugar tower. Oranges you must carefully peel before you eat your delicious meal. A round tiny clementine is so fine I could eat nine.  Cut the juicy tangerines and eat the round nectarines.

Can you name a fruit that is purple?  Many have the shape of a circle.

The plum’s dark skin reminds me of sin.  Dried prunes are all shriveled up just like a wrinkled pug pup.  Grapes are big and small. I could eat them all.

Can you name a fruit that is red? You can put the jelly on your bread.

My second favorite berry is a sweet juicy cherry.  Pomegranate’s fleshy walls help divide the little balls.  Watermelon is tasty and sweet when it runs down my cheek.  We can eat in June fresh, red strawberries soon.

Why eat something good?  Because you should!

Green, orange, yellow, purple and red all the colors make great snacks before bed.  Fruit is so sweet that it is a treat.

  • Second Grade | Second Place

I Hate Being Little                             by: Izzy Boothe, age 7

Lila was tired of overprotective parents! She could not walk down the street by herself.  She is tired of everyone saying that she is too little.

Lila is going to prove she can go on the street by herself.  She is going to walk to Grandma’s house.  Lila snuck out of the backyard.

She had to take a left then a right.  She bolted to Grandma’s house.

No one was there! Lila knocked and no one answered.  Lila gulped.  Then she ran back home.

She told her parents she was big and told what she had done.  They said, “Want to be grown up? You can clean the dishes and fold clothes like a big person.”  Lila thought, “Awww! I hate being big!”

  • Second Grade | Third Place

How I Feel About Kitty                   M. Sayid Jaweed, age 7

I was a little bit scared of animals so I was not very happy when Mom said “We will get a cat.”

I felt grumpy the whole drive to the animal shelter!  Going inside was even worse! The sights, smells and sounds were just too much.  Daddy and I decided that we would wait.  Mommy and little brother went in.

After a little wait, Mommy and brother came out with a box that squeaked “MeeMee” all the way home. Everyone else was making such a fuss over this annoying kitty.  And Mommy was always warning us “Be careful with the kitten, she is so tiny.”

What made it so special?  I felt irritated, scared and a little jealous of all this attention.  Irritated because Kitten came with a whole bunch of new rules.

She was just too different.  Her eyes were spooky.  She grabbed toys with sharp claws.  I tried my best just to keep away from the kitty.

One day I was playing my favorite video game on my tablet when Kitty appeared out of nowhere to watch.  I yelled for Mommy! But, Mommy refused to put her in her cage.  Mommy said that it was time to have a little talk.

Mommy reminded me about how scared I had been at the animal shelter.  Don’t you think that our tiny little kitten must have been pretty scared too?  Just look and see if such a tiny little thing can be brave enough to come this far,  can you be brave enough to give her a try too, Sayid?

I said I would try.  I never thought that Kitty could have feelings.

Mom was right.  Kitty must be special to be so brave and she still wants to be my friend.  From that day on me and Kitty began a strong friendship.  We cuddled, loved and played together on many adventures.   Now I am so glad to have my special, brave kitty to love.

  • Second Grade | Honorable Mention

Libby’s Trip to the Hospital                           Grace Greene , age 7

Her daddy took her to the emergency room.  This is kind of scary thought Libby.  The nurses came in and talked to her and her daddy.  They also took her temperature and put a thing on her finger and it watched her heartbeat.

Then the doctor came in and pressed on her tummy. 

“Ouch,” screamed Libby “that hurts!” 

Then the nurses came in with a needle.

“Oh no,”said Libby! Then she closed her eyes. “Ouch,” screamed Libby.  Libby cried a little bit.

Then Libby got to ride in a wheel chair.  That was fun.  Then she got to go through the doughnut hole (also called a CAT scan) it told her to hold her breath and it took pictures of the inside of her body.

Then her Mommy came to the hospital and the doctor came in with bad news!  Libby had to have her appendix removed and would need surgery.

Libby had surgery and she was scared but soon found out there was nothing to fear.  The nurses were so nice and they gave her ice pops and a teddy bear.  The nurses kept her safe and happy.  Now Libby is happy and healthy.

  • Third Grade | First Place

The Grandfather I Never Knew                 by: Nicholas Bailey, age 9

The grandfather that I never knew was Maitlin Bailey, Jr.  He was a great man.  He was dependable and an amazing help.  I’ve found out these things from my father.Even though he died before I was born, he was an amazing man.  He was a marine in the Korean war.  He had risked his life for so many people he didn’t know.  He was in so many dangerous situations.  He was in so many dangerous situations.  He was a terrific help as a marine he saved so many lives.  He was an awesome marine in the Korean war and he must have been a great father too.

He was also a police officer for Bluefield.  He was so brave he did many dangerous things.  He risked his life so many times for people he doesn’t even know.  He was amazing at his job.  He did so many dangerous things for the right reasons.  ‘And he would always be ready to work.

He was also a horse racer.  He had all different kinds of horse.  He would also ride horses day and night.  He would go camping in groups while riding horses.  He would also go for a ride days in a row.  He loved horses more than anything.

My grandfather wasn’t perfect but he still did great things.  He was amazing at his jobs as Marine, a horse racer and even a police officer.  But no matter what he will always be my grandfather now and forever and one day I can’t wait to meet him.

  • Third Grade| Second Place

The Search for Spring                     by: Lakyn Misch, age 9

Once there was a little deer named Speckals, who had been born in Winter.  Though she had never seen it, Speckals heard everyone talking aobut Spring.

“Where is Spring, Mama?” Speckals asked.

Her mom smiled and said, “See for yourself.  Go find Spring.”

“Hmm, Spring starts with and S, so I’ll look south.” thought Speckals.  Rays of light peeked through spaces in the trees.  Speckals observed a beautiful plant.  It was yellow like the sun.

“I found Spring!” exclaimed Speckals.

“No’” said a quiet yet squeaky voice.  It was a hedgehog, getting out of his winter burrow.  Those are daffodils.”

“Oh,” said Speckals, disappointed.  “Where is Spring?”  Speckals turned and headed West.  After a time, she noticed tiny round shapes on the edges of the branches.  She had never seen these on trees before.

“I found Spring!” exclaimed Speckals.

“No”, said a slick female voice.  It was a fox sitting on a fallen log.   “those are the baby leaves, just beginning to grow.”, she explained.

“PFFT!”, sighed Speckals.  “where is Spring?” Speckals moved toward the East. Before long Speckals began to hear a new sound.  The sound was quick and high pitched.  It seemed to be coming from the tree tops.  Suddenly she spotted a bright red winged creature perched on a limb.  He made a quick proud chirp.

“I found it” I found Spring!”’ Speckals yelled with excitement.

“No”, whistled a sharp clear voice.  It was a cardinal pausing to rest.  “that is our song as we return for Spring.”

Speckals was crestfallen.  “Where is Spring?”  She turned northward for one last attempt to find Spring.  Soon, Speckals came upon her friend Bandit.

“Watcha lookin’ for Speckals?”, asked Bandit.

“Spring!”, replied Speckals.

“Spring isn’t a place you can find!” Bandit explained to Speckals.  “It is the time of year when flowers bloom, leaves begin to bud on the trees, and the birds come back from their migrations to sing their lovely songs.”

“Oh”, said Speckals with sudden comprehension.  “This is the most wonderful time of the year!” Speckals thought to herself that Spring was even better when shared with friends.

  • Third Grade | Third Place

by: Emily Carothers, age 8

Snowflake is the name of my cat.  You may think she is white, but you would be wrong.  She is actually black and I named her Snowflake because she came in the middle of a storm.  She is a super nice cat and likes to go everywhere with me.  She even sneaks in the house to sleep on my bed.

One sunny day I went with my mom to visit my aunt on her farm.  My mom packed the car, and while she had the trunk open, the cat jumped in.  We were half way to my aunt’s farm before we realized she was in the car.  Mom said it was too far to take her back home so she had to visit the farm too.

Once at the farm, we went to see the barn and the horses.  Snowflake did not know what to think.  The horses were huge, but they didn’t seem interested in her.  We fed them apples.  My aunt even let me ride one, but Snowflake had to watch.

The next animals we saw were the chickens.  Snowflake seemed very interested in them, but the mother hen scared her.  She started squawking and shaking her feathers at her.  She decided to nap while we gathered eggs.

The last friend we made was the barn cat.  Her name was Lilly.  They played with a ball and some string.  Snowflake seemed to like her new friend.  My mom says that both cats are nice, but some cats don’t like each other when they first meet.

At the end of the day, we packed up our stuff and some apples and eggs.  Mom loaded the car and I loaded my cat.  On the drive home, I petted Snowflake and told mom how great it was to ride a horse.  My brother took a nap.  When we got home, we all came in for a bath including the cat.  She didn’t like water so that got us all wet, but that is another adventure story for Snowflake the cat.

  • Third Grade | Honorable Mention

The Christmas Miracle                   by: Delaney Rinard, age 7

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in the woods without any parents.  She never knew what happened to her parents.

One day, ten days before Christmas, she went to the beach.  She loved to swim at the beach and met a nice girl named Julie that also liked to swim.

After those nights, she went to her friend’s house to stay until her friend’s mom found someone who could take care of her.

Before, she just lived in the woods with animals that she named Max, Ella and Tigey.  She finally found a home.  She was really, really happy.  Her new mom was named Tracey McWheel Her mom named her Olivia Grace McWheel.  Olivia liked her name.

She had never gone to school before.  When she got to school she was amazed.  She met new friends.  “This is a Christmas Miracle!”, she exclaimed.  Her teacher was Mrs. Hensworth.  She loved art and music.

She has 30 paintings through her whole house.  Her mom is a clothes designer.  Her mom makes her clothes.  Everybody in her school takes pictures of her every day.  She is popular in school, and she likes it.  Her mom sells the clothes that her mom makes.

Sometimes Olivia helps her mom make clothes.  Julie and Olivia were best friends in school.  They spent time together swimming after school.  Julie was like a sister to Olivia.  When Olivia was at Julie’s house, she enjoyed family time.  Julie had a mom, dad and a brother named Patrick.

Olivia asked her mom why she wasn’t married.  Her mom said, “I never fot married before, but I want to get married to my boyfriend.” 

But Olivia doesn’t want her mom to get married because she doesn’t want to have brothers or sisters.  Her mom decided to get married.  Olivia begged for her to not get married. 

But, the next day on Christmas, they had a wedding.  A year later, twin girls named Madison and Adison were born.  From then on, Olivia liked her sisters and they were a happy family.

  • Fourth Grade | First Place

The Soccer Player                            by: Morgan Ratliff, age 10

One day a boy named Ryan was playing soccer in his backyard.  He loved to play soccer, but there was one problem.  His mom and dad didn’t have enough money for Ryan to play soccer.  His family spent all of their money on their house and food for survival.  They hardly even had enough money to pay for school.

All of Ryan’s friends at school played soccer.  They knew how much Ryan loved soccer, but they didn’t know that Ryan didn’t have enough money to play soccer.  Ryan’s friend Sally felt bad for Ryan.  Sally knew how much Ryan loved soccer and she knew how much he wanted to play soccer.  Sally feared something was wrong with Ryan.

Sally was going to find out why Ryan wouldn’t play soccer.  One day Sally came up to Ryan and said “Why won’t you play soccer?”

Ryan was scared to tell Sally the real reason so he said “Because I don’t want to.”

“Seriously,” said Sally “that’s what you’re going with.”

“Yes,” said Ryan.

“Come on Ryan tell me, you can trust me right,” said Sally.

“Sorry, I can’t tell you,” said Ryan.

The next day Sally was being sneaky and snuck into Ryan’s house.  She heard Ryan and his mom talking about how they didn’t have enough money to pay for soccer.  Sally quickly got out of the house before anyone saw her.  The next day Ryan saw Sally behind a sign that said help raise enough money for Ryan to play soccer.

Ryan ran toward Sally and said “What are you doing?”

“Helping you,” said Sally.

“Well stop, you’re embarrassing me.” Said Ryan.

They had little success the first day, but the second day there were people lined up at Ryan’s door.  They had car washes and bake sales just so Ryan had enough money to play soccer.  Ryan loved soccer so much his parents let him play soccer.  He went to the soccer field every day with Sally to practice soccer.  Then finally the first soccer game came.  Ryan was so nervous his hands were clammy, and he was very sweaty.  Sally told Ryan that it would be alright and he would do fine.  The game was almost over, and the game was tied, but Ryan scored the last winning goal.  Everybody cheered for Ryan, and he and Sally lived happily ever after.

  • Fourth Grade| Second Place

Best Friends Forever                      by: Nathan Blankenship, age 10

There once were two kids that went on an amazing adventure.  Their names were Jake and Anna.  Jake and Anna have been friends since kindergarten and are still friends now.  Every day after school Jake and Anna meet at the park near their house.  They had always wanted to take an adventure and it was about to happen.

The adventure that they had been hoping for was to build a rocket and fly to space.  They imagined to meet a friendly creature that would be their friend forever.  So they both went to Jake’s house to get their supplies for the rocket.  They thought a good starting point would be Jake’s dad’s garage.  When they entered the garage they found screws, metal parts, a drill, wires, controls, and a hammer.

When they arrived at the park they began to build.  They laid out their supplies and then took the drill and built the metal parts together.  Once the outside was completer they stepped inside and put the wires and controls on the desk that they had built.  After they had finished the rocket they started the engine and the countdown began.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blastoff!

When they reached the destination of Pluto their rocket stopped and the door slowly opened.  They jumped out and started running to see what they could discover.  Then the most amazing thing happened!  They saw a mysterious box lying on the ground and Anna started to open it very carefully.

Quickly they both jumped back as the creature came towards them.  The alien spoke and said, “I will not hurt you.”  When they got up they realized he was friendly and became friends.  After a while Jake and Anna thought it was time to go.  Just as they were entering teir rocket they realized the alien would be lonely.  So they decided to take the alien back to earth.  Once they reached the park they all started playing together.  So now every day after school they are never alone all because of their one adventure.

  • Fourth Grade | Third Place

Just a Little Kindness                      by: Mailey Jackson, age 10

One day, Sydney came home from school and said, “Mom, there’s a new girl in my class and she is not being very nice to me.”

“Oh, goodness that’s not good,” her mom said. “What’s going on?”

“Well, she took my new pink highlighter, and she won’t give it back.” Sydney said, “Later, in gym class, she tripped me. Then, during recess, she kept glaring at me.”

“That’s not good,” Sydney’s mom said. “What do you think you could do about it?”

“I’m not sure,” said Sydney. “I feel helpless.”

“It must be hard being the new girl,” her mom said. “you could give her some time. You could try following the golden rule.  Try being kind and set a good example.”

“Okay,” said Sydney, “I’ll try.”

So, the next day at school when Emma dropped her pencil, Sydney quickly picked it up for her.  “Here you go!” Sydney said kindly.

“I could have picked it up myself!” Emma said coldly. “I don’t want your grimy hands all over my property.”

“Well I was just trying to help,” Sydney said calmly.

The next day, Sydney and Emma had to be math partners.  Emma got stuck on a fraction problem.  So Sydney explained how to do it correctly.  “I knew that the whole time,” Emma said sassily as she rolled her eyes.  “You don’t have to treat me like a baby.”

The next morning Emma was texting on her phone while she walked to school.  Sydney was also walking to school and wasn’t far behind Emma.  Suddenly Emma almost walked into the road and almost got hit by a car.  Luckily, Sydney ran up and grabbed Emma’s arm right in the nick of time.  “Um…gee..thanks,” Emma said in an embarrassed tone.

“You’re welcome,” Sydney said warmly and smiled.

That day at recess, Emma walked up to Sydney and said, “You know about this morning?”

“Yeah,” Sydney said.

“Well, I just want to say thanks,” Emma said shyly, looking at the ground.

“You are very welcome!” Sydney said glowing.

“And,” Emma said, “I’m really sorry for being awful to you.  It’s really hard for me to be the new girl, and I miss my friends.  It seems lie everyone likes you so much.  You have lots of friends, and it’s hard not to be jealous of that.  Will you sit by me at lunch?”

“Of course!” Sydney said.

That night Sydney and her mom were talking.  “Mom, some people just need a little kindness!”

“You are right my dear,” Sydney’s mom said.  “You are right!”

From then on Sydney and Emma were friends and whenever Emma needed reminding to be kind, Sydney was there to help her.

  • Fourth Grade | Honorable Mention

The Haunted School                   by E.J. Washington, age 10

Once upon a time there were four kids.  Their names were Nathan, Ethan, Caleb and Timmy.  There they were waiting for the bus.  The bus finally got there.  They get on the bus and on their way to school.  There at school Ethan said to Caleb “I can see the future.”

Caleb, Nathan and Timmy said “We do not believe you.”

Nathan said “Do you really think that we would believe something that crazy?”

“Fine don’t believe me but I am just letting you know that someone will read you something scary.”

Timmy said “OK, whatever.”  The kids went to their classroom.

The teacher, Mrs. Green said, “Hello class.” She said “Before we begin reading I am going to read you guys a story.” She said tht it was a non-fiction story.  The story is called The Haunted School.  The teacher started reading the book.

Caleb said to Nathan and Timmy, “I am beginning to believe Ethan.”

“I am too, but I do not believe the story that Mrs. Green just read to us.” Said Timmy.

Mrs. Green walked up to them and said “So you do not believe the story I just read to you?”

“I believe it.” shouted Ethan.

Mrs. Green said “Timmy, Nathan and Caleb you have to stay after school. I will be right back I am giing to call your parents.”  “

School ended and all of the kids got on the bus but Caleb, Nathan and Timmy had to stay.  Mrs. Green said, “Let’s make a deal.  If you can’t stay here all night you have to clean the class bathroom for the rest of the year.”

Nathan said, “OK, but if we do stay here all night you have to give us an “A” on every test.”  They all agreed and Mrs. Green left.

“So what are you going to do?” said Caleb?

“I don’t know,” said Timmy.

“I can’t believe that our friend can see the future!” said Caleb.

“I know, that is so crazy,” said Timmy.

They started hearing weird noises.  Night came, it was nine o’clock.  Nathan said,” I am going to bed.”

“We are too,” said Timmy and Caleb. 

They woke up in the middle of the night and they heard banging noises.  “What was that?” said Caleb.  They walked down the door and Mrs. Green had a mask on and popped out and scared them.  They went running out of the door.

They went home and on the next Monday they were cleaning the bathroom.

  • Fifth Grade| First Place

Aetrix                    by: Lillian Chongswatdi, age 11

It all started with the week long thunderstorms.

They weren’t like any other he had ever witnessed before.  The thunder shook the whole world, and the lightning covered the sky with electricity.  Everyone was forced into underground bunkers.  Who would think they could keep someone like Scorpius underground?

Scorpius Archer was 17 years old, tall, had red hair and an adventurous personality.  He was told over and over again, “Don’t go out there! It’s too dangerous.” He didn’t listen.  He stepped outside for some fresh air.

Scorpius was outside for about five minutes.  Suddenly, everything went silent.  BOOM! Lightning was illuminating the sky in hundreds of different places.  Where there was once an empty night sky, was a portal.  Now, Scorpius being the adventurous person he was, he stepped a few feet closer.  Before he knew what was going on, he was sucked in.

Almost as quickly as it had happened, it stopped.  He was in a completely different place.  What stood before his eyes amazed him:  The trees surrounding him were much larger than ordinary ones.  In the distance, a mountain range stretched further than the sea!  What surprised him most were the creatures in the sky.  They weren’t birds, dinosaurs maybe? No, these were dragons!  Scorpius decided to venture further.

He had been wandering for a while. when he heard a moaning sound from a distant cave.  Scorpius decided to go check it out.  In the cave was a red dragon with startling blue eyes; covered in streaks of gold and silver on its face, feet, tail and wings.  Scorpius noticed that one of its legas was injured.  Luckily, he still had a first aid kit from the bunker with him.  The dragon didn’t seem scared at all.  In no time, the dragon’s leg was as good as new.  “You need a name,” Scorpius decides.  “How about Aetrix?”

“I like that name,” said the dragon.  Scorpius jumped back in surprise.  Aetrix could understand him.

Scorpius cared for Aetrix while his leg was healing.  He discovered that it was him that oculd understand Aetrix, rather than the other way around.  They had long conversations with each other about what it was like here, compared to Scorpius’ home.

After Aetrix was ready to fly again, he said to Scorpius, “If you’d like, climb on my back and I’ll show you around.”  Scorpius agreed.  He also decided that he would stay in this dragon paradise forever.

  • Fifth Grade | Second Place

Sammy’s Dream Snowman                          by: Grace Angelona, age 11

Once upon a time, ther was a boy named Sammy and he went to his bedroom window to check the weather. “Hah,” he said, “the first snow!”  So he asked his mother if he could go play in the snow outside.

“Yes sweetie, but make sure you bundle up.”

“I will,” he said.  Sammy put on his fluffy hat, heavy blue coat, black boots, knitted gloves and scarf he had received from his grandmother last Christmas.  Now, to build his snowman!

When Sammy had arrived outside he began to build his snowman.  He rolled three large snowballs, one big one for the legs, one medium one for the body, and a smaller one fof the head.  Then he placed two pieces of coal for the eyes, a carrot nose and buttons for his mouth and chest.  Finally he put his finishing touches on his snowman, a red hat and scarf.  “His name is Chillie Willie,” he told his mom.

Sammy entered his house, took off his cold, wet clothes and put them in his laundry basket and he put on his snowman pajamas and ate dinner.  Before he went to bed he ran to the kitchen window to look at Chillie Willie one last time.  “Mom, do you think Chillie Willie will be able to hold up in the snowstorm?” asked Sammy. 

“I think so, you made a strong, sturdy lookin’ snowman!” said Mom.

That made Sammy smile.  Then his mother tucked him in and he went right to sleep.

That night Sammy woke up to the sound of whispers.  Sammy walked outside. “hey Sally, catch!” yelled Sarah Squirrel.

“Got it!” answered Sally Squirrel.

“Hey girls, what’s that crunching noise?” asked Chillie Willie, alarmed.

“I don’t know and I don’t care and I don’t have frizzy pink hair!” chanted Sarah.

“Ha, good one”” said Sally.

“Hello, hello,” said Sammy. 

“Hello, Sammy,” said Chillie Willie, “Would you like to play with us?”

“Sure!” replied Sammy. They made snow angels, had snowball fights and even made another snowman.

The next morning Sammy woke up.  “Hey, Chillie Willie!” Sammy ran to the front porch and started to cry.  Chillie Willie had melted.
“Oh sweetie,” said mom.

“It’s OK Mom,”replied Sammy, “I’ll just build another snowman next year!” And he did!

  • Fifth Grade | Third Place

Ally has to go to the Dentist           by:  Karighan Wright, age 10

One Saturday afternoon Ally was playing with her stuffed bear Mr. Snuggles until Ally’s mom came in and said it was  time to go to the dentist.

“But mommy, I don’t want to go to the dentist.

“I’m sorry sweetie, but you need to check your teeth every year. Ally’s mom said.

“Okay,” Ally said, frowning as they continued driving to the dentist.

When they got to the dentist, Ally’s mom signed the dentistry paper while Ally was just staring patiently at her mom.AsS ally and her mom were waiting, All stared at her shoes.  Mr. Snuggles was sitting next to her.  They waited and waited until the dentist said Ally.  “Oh no,” said Ally “It’s my turn.”

First the dentist checked her teeth to see if ally had any cavities.  Next she pulled out very weird tools that she used to take a closer look at Ally’s teeth.  Then she took out this very cool spin brush that tickled when it touched Ally’s teeth and gums. Last, when Ally was finished, the dentist gave her a lollypop because Ally was so good.  She also got to pick out a sticker.  She picked a pretty one with a princess on it.

“I Kind of like the dentist now.” Ally said with a smile.  When Ally and her mom got home it was so late Ally had to get ready for bed.  Ally brushed her teeth, Ally brushed her hair, and Ally put on her nightgown.

Then Ally’s mom kissed Ally good night and Ally went to sleep for the night.

  • Fifth Grade | Honorable Mention

How Billy Became Uniduck                           by: Kiara Long, age 11

In a very faraway place called Ducknation Land there lived a duck by the name of Billy.  Billy never had any friends.  He didn’t really care though.  There was only one thing he wanted in this world, to me magical.

So, for the next five years of his life he wished upon shooting stars.  However he noticed nothing ever happened.

He went to the greatest sorcerer in town, Taylor the Magnificent.  One day Billy walked into her shop.  When he walked into her shop he knocked everything down except one potion.  The potion that would change everything.

He went over, grabbed the potion and drank it.  Nothing happened.  Then someone walked out of the darkness.  It was just the owner of the store. The owner said, “You have to pay.”

Billy said, “How much?”

The store man laughed and said”$50 son.”

Billy’s mouth dropped.  Then he said “oh, I have $50 in my pocket.” So Billy paid and left.

The next morning Billy went to brush his bill.  Then he noticed something weird on his head, some horn type thing.  So he went to his iPad and looked up what things could be on his head.  After hours of searching, he finally found something.  A mythical being called a unicorn.  The horn on Billy’s head was a unicorn horn.

So Billy went down to Taylor the Magnificent and asked what happened.  The man told Billy that Billy now holds the world in his hands. 

That is when Billy became UNIDUCK the world saver.