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WVU Student-Journalists Use DIY Electronics to Examine Water Quality

Jun 2, 2016
WVU student Jillian Clemente makes sure the sensors are secure before finding a good spot for them to sit on the creek.
Colleen S. Good / WVU Stream Lab Project

With the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, our nation’s drinking water — and what’s in it — has been on everyone’s minds. 


West Virginia has also had its share of issues with contaminated water. While the coal industry helps create jobs in the state, it also creates the potential for another water crisis. 

By File:We_Can_Do_It!.jpg: J. Howard Miller, artist employed by Westinghouse, poster used by the War Production Co-ordinating Committee derivative work: Tom Morris (This file was derived from: We Can Do It!.jpg:) [Public domain] / Wikimedia Commons

Where Are All the Women? Wikipedia’s Gender Gap” That’s the name of a panel discussion that will be hosted at West Virginia University. 

WVU Hosts Hackathon for Women

Oct 30, 2014
David Smith / WVU

Women make up nearly 60 percent of the professional workforce, yet they hold 25 percent of jobs in the area of computer science. That gender gap one reason why West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media hosted a Hackathon that focused on women, media and wearable technology.