West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

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For more information on the potential Supreme Court impeachments, see this explainer.

The House Judiciary Committee continued its meetings Friday on the possible impeachment of one or more West Virginia Supreme Court justices. The second day of testimony focused heavily on suspended Justice Allen Loughry and his private use of state resources. The justices also delivered a letter to the committee critizing the impeachment proceedings.

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Updated: July 11, 2018 at 4:44 p.m.

Just one day ahead of scheduled meetings on potential impeachment of one or more West Virginia Supreme Court justices, Justice Menis Ketchum has resigned.

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

As lawmakers discuss the possible impeachment of one or more West Virginia Supreme Court Justices, the rarity of the process raises questions about procedure, its history and other potential constitutional issues.

On Tuesday, June 26, West Virginia delegates passed House Resolution 201, stating: “Some or all of the five members of the Court may be guilty of maladministration, corruption, incompetency, gross immorality, or high crimes or misdemeanors, and may be unfit to serve as Chief Justice or as Justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.”

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West Virginia lawmakers have begun the rare process of deciding whether impeachment proceedings are necessary just days after a state Supreme Court justice was charged in a 22-count criminal indictment.

The House Judiciary Committee met without taking action Tuesday. Earlier the House of Delegates voted to have the committee investigate any justice but decided against setting a deadline.

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On this West Virginia Morning, we’ll hear from students, like Alex Bridges, who helped record 25 oral histories with people across West Virginia, as part of a summer folklore class. We’ll also hear the latest from the statehouse after Gov. Jim Justice issued a special session of the W.Va. Legislature on possible Supreme Court impeachments.

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Gov. Jim Justice has issued a special session call for the West Virginia Legislature to consider matters related to the removal of one or more Justices of the state’s Supreme Court of Appeals. The special session will begin Tuesday at noon.

W.Va. Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry.
W.Va. Supreme Court of Appeals

Updated: Friday, June 22, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

Hours after a West Virginia Supreme Court justice pleaded not guilty in federal court, top legislators have asked committee chairmen to consider beginning impeachment proceedings against the embroiled justice and others. 

Allen Loughry
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Updated: June 8, 2018 at 5:10 p.m.


Legislative leaders are calling for the resignation of West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry after he was suspended without pay. Loughry's suspension and calls for his resignation came Friday as a result of an order stating the court believes he has engaged in violations of the state's Code of Judicial Conduct. Friday's activity follows a 32-page statement of charges issued Wednesday by the Judical Investigations Commission.

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A West Virginia Supreme Court Justice is accused of violating the state Code of Judicial Conduct. The Judicial Investigation Commission filed a statement of 32 charges Wednesday against Justice Allen Loughry, as well as a motion for his immediate suspension without pay.

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An audit has looked further into West Virginia Supreme Court employees' travel expenses.

The audit was released Sunday during legislative interim meetings in Charleston.

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An audit of the West Virginia Supreme Court has found two justices may have violated state Ethics Act provisions that prohibit using public office for private gain.

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The West Virginia Supreme Court says two of Gov. Jim Justice's coal companies weren't responsible for contaminating the wells of more than a dozen families.

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House and Senate lawmakers introduced 28 joint resolutions in just the first week of the legislative session each calling for amendments to the state constitution. Some around the Capitol say such a number feels like a lot, while others say it’s rather normal. What is agreed upon, though, is that it is rare to have so many proposed constitutional amendments gaining traction this early in the session.

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With the Legislature paying more attention to the West Virginia Supreme Court’s spending, conversations continue about how lawmakers might have a hand in overseeing the budget of the judicial branch.

Chief Justice Allen Loughry gave a presentation to the House Finance Committee Friday morning where he tried to explain spending that has been criticized in recent months.  

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Legislative auditors have set their sights on the West Virginia Supreme Court.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports auditors notified the legislative Post-Audits Committee on Sunday that they planned to audit the state Supreme Court this year.

Legislative Auditor Aaron Allred did not elaborate, beyond saying they had notified the court and haven't received a response.

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

The West Virginia judicial system is joining a regional effort to combat opioid abuse, and a Kanawha County Circuit Judge will lead a multidisciplinary team that will work with seven other states.

A West Virginia office that has supervised sex offenders for nearly a decade will end.

The Herald-Dispatch reports the Intensive Supervision Office will end in September. The move comes after West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Chief Justice Allen Loughry signed an order calling for a consolidation and reformulation of the state's probation office on June 26.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

Two justices on West Virginia's highest court have published strongly worded dissents criticizing the Supreme Court majority for dismissing medical malpractice lawyers' lawsuit claiming they paid too much for their client's medical records.

HealthPort Technologies on behalf of Charleston Area Medical Center charged them $4,463 or 55 cents per page copied, plus sales tax and shipping.

West Virginia's top court says a debt collector didn't violate state consumer protection law by making 250 phone calls to a man who denied owing $1,349.

The Supreme Court, divided 3-2, says Valentine & Kerabatis bought Gary Lenahan's consumer account from security systems provider ADT in 2012.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

Inmates participating in work-release programs do not quality for workers' compensation benefits, the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled has ruled.

The court on Thursday unanimously affirmed a Workers' Compensation Board of Review's 2015 decision to not grant workers' compensation to a work release inmate named William F. Crawford, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported. Crawford's hand was severely injured in a wood chipper in 2013 while he was working on a road crew for the state Division of Highways.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

The remains of a World War I Medal of Honor recipient could be relocated to a West Virginia military cemetery.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports Chester Howard West is buried at an overgrown and untended plot located in Mason County's Chief Cornstalk Wildlife Management Area. A state Supreme Court opinion filed Wednesday affirms a March 2016 county circuit court ruling on a petition to relocate West's remains in a place of honor at the Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery in Institute.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

West Virginia's highest court has reversed its November decision and ruled that natural gas companies can deduct post-production costs from the royalties paid to landowners for mineral rights.

The Supreme Court split 4-1 in its Friday reversal.

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West Virginia Judiciary

The West Virginia Supreme Court has upheld dismissal of felony civil rights charges against a former Marshall University football player accused in a 2015 attack on two men he saw kissing.

The justices voted 3-2 Tuesday to send the case of Steward Butler back to Cabell County Circuit Court for further disposition.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

The West Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that a video of the cell extraction of an inmate at the Western Regional Jail cannot be made public, reversing a Kanawha County judge's ruling.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that the justices ruled Wednesday that footage of flash-bang grenades thrown inside inmate Shane Marcum's cell reveals the facility's design and operational procedures. The 20-page opinion authored by Justice Robin Davis says the release is thus prohibited under state law.

Allen Loughry has been selected to serve a four-year term as chief justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court.

The court says in a news release that it marks the first four-year term for a chief justice since 1888. Chief justices typically serve one-year terms.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

Gary Johnson has been named permanent administrator of the state Supreme Court.

The court announced Johnson's appointment Monday. He had been serving as acting administrator since his appointment in January to replace Steve Canterbury.

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West Virginia’s newest elected member of the state Supreme Court has taken her oath of office and is now officially ready to assume the bench in January. 

Current Justice Allen Loughry administered the oath of office to Justice-elect Beth Walker in the Supreme Court chamber on the Capitol grounds. 

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The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court’s decision preventing a former Democratic state Senator from running for local office as an independent. 

The justices released the order Monday upholding an August Kanawha County Circuit Court decision.

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