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Last Month, more than a thousand West Virginia high school students registered to vote. Secretary of State Mac Warner says he hopes to see even more eligible young voters sign up to vote in November. 

Thirteen high schools across West Virginia conducted voter registration drives in the month of October. Secretary of State Mac Warner said these drives show the, “level of commitment school administrators have for the civic engagement of our youngest voters."

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The West Virginia secretary of state is asking more than 130,000 voters to update their address.

Media outlets report that the request from Secretary of State Mac Warner's office will come in the form of postcards in the next few days.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner says his office will assess any request it receives for information on the state's voter rolls but is limited by law in what it can provide. Warner, a Republican, said in a statement that his office had not received a request as of Friday afternoon from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Warner said West Virginians' privacy was of "paramount importance" and that his office would abide by state law.


West Virginia has narrowed the restriction on political signs and other electioneering to 100 feet of a voting side.

The change has been approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jim Justice.

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A House Judiciary Subcommittee reconsidered a bill Thursday that barely made it through the legislative process on the final night of the 2016 session.

That bill required West Virginians to bring some form of identification with them when they go to cast a ballot at their polling place. It also set up an automatic voter registration process between the Secretary of the State’s office and the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Delegates initially intended to gut parts of that law altogether this year, but have since worked on a compromise.

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Unofficial numbers from the secretary of state's office show voter turnout in West Virginia was higher than the previous general election but didn't eclipse the 2008 race.

Figures released Wednesday show 728,248 voters, or 57.2 percent, participated in Tuesday's election. That's up from about 55 percent in the 2012 general election and down from about 60.8 percent in 2008.

Editor's Note: The previous story reported an incorrect total of seats gained by the West Virginia Republican Party in the state Senate. This story has been updated with correct totals.

Heading into Tuesday night, state Republican Party leaders were confident they could maintain their majorities in both the state House of Delegates and Senate. Their predictions were correct with the GOP's number increasing in the Senate by four.

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Federal law says all polling places must be accessible by wheelchair. But advocates in West Virginia say there is an ongoing concern that not all the polling places in the state comply with this requirement.

The federal Americans with Disabilities Act states that all polling places must include at least one wheelchair accessible voting machine and an accessible route to and from the precinct. This route must be the same route that all voters take not an alternate route, for instance, in the back of a building.

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In the first day of early voting, the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office says 24, 251 people have cast their ballots at polling places across the state.

Early voting began Wednesday and lasts through Saturday November 5. Polling sites will be open Saturday, October 29, as well.



When Allison Mullins, a freshman at Marshall University, tried to change her voter registration to Cabell County, she went online to fill out the form. But shortly after, she received a letter in the mail from the Cabell County Clerk's office asking her to mail in a paper registration form instead. Mullins said the lack of an online registration option in her county is not only inconvenient, but also misleading to those who registered online to vote in Cabell County.


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West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant is reminding voters that they will no longer be able to check one box to vote party-line down the ballot.

A secretary of state news release says lawmakers eliminated straight-ticket voting in the 2015 legislative session. Voters now will have to select every candidate individually if they want to vote for all candidates from one political party.

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Eleven West Virginia high schools have been recognized for student voter registration.

Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant's office announced the Jennings Randolph Award to the schools for the 2015-2016 academic year. The award recognizes 100 percent registration of voting-eligible students.

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West Virginia’s Secretary of State has made it very clear, West Virginia voters cannot take photos while in the voting booth. In fact, Secretary Natalie Tennant says you can’t take your phone into the voting booth at all. But some people don’t think state code is clear on the matter. 

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If you want to share your voting experience on social media, you'll have to find some way other than taking a photo in the voting booth. West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant says it's forbidden.

Tennant said in a news release Friday that it's illegal to photograph any part of the voting process, and no electronic devices or cellphones are allowed in the voting booth.

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Officials in the Kanawha County town of Marmet will select a new mayor next month after a judicial panel removed the former mayor from office earlier this year for violating city election laws.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that the town council held a special meeting Thursday to set the dates for selecting the new mayor.


West Virginia voters can begin heading to the polls this week to cast votes ahead of the May 10 primary election.

Early voting begins Wednesday and runs through May 7. Polls will be open on Saturdays.

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is planning a stop in Huntington this week.

Sanders' campaign website says the Vermont U.S. senator will attend a rally at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena on Tuesday night.

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Editor's Note: For the latest updates on the final day of the legislative session, be sure to keep checking our live blog.

In the final day of the 2016 Legislative Session, the House of Delegates has refused to adopt the Senate's amendments to House Bill 4013, the voter ID bill.


The House of Delegates will vote on a contentious piece of legislation Friday; a bill that would require West Virginians to show a form of identification at their polling place. But on Thursday, the bill saw a change on the floor.

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Members of the House of Delegates are considering a bill to change voting requirements in West Virginia. The House Judiciary Committee discussed the bill at length Wednesday that would require voters to show a photo ID before casting a ballot.

For two hours Wednesday morning, the House Judiciary Committee discussed House Bill 4013, which would require a person in West Virginia who desires to vote to present a valid photo ID at the polls.