Veto Override

On The Legislature Today, Governor Jim Justice says budget negotiations have broken down between Democrats and House leadership after talks this week.

Justice said they were near a deal when House Republicans refused to put about $45 million in tax increases to a vote in the chamber.

Will Price / West Virginia Legislative Photography

Senators have voted to override Governor Jim Justice’s veto of Senate Bill 330.

The bill was an attempt to clarify some language in the state’s Right to Work law which was approved by lawmakers in the 2016 session.

The Legislature Today
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

  As the 2017 budget deficit looms, members of both chambers are looking for ways to balance the budget in a tight fiscal year. 

Senate President Bill Cole says additional agency cuts should come from the Governor, but says using the state's Rainy Day Fund to help fund the deficit is a reasonable measure.

Martin Valent / West Virginia Legislative Photography

The West Virginia Legislature has voted to reverse Governor Tomblin's veto of a bill to ban a certain second-trimester abortion method. 

Senators voted 25 to 9 Thursday morning, while House members voted 85 to 15 during an afternoon floor session to overturn the veto. 

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Senators joined the House of Delegates in a vote to override Governor Tomblin's veto of a bill that would allow anyone over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. 

The Senate voted 23 to 11 during a Saturday morning floor session. The House had voted on the measure Friday.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

After a veto from Governor Tomblin last year, members of the Senate and the House have both taken up a bill that would allow West Virginians to consume raw milk. Members of the Senate passed the bill earlier this month on a vote of 22 to 12, and yesterday, Delegates cast their final votes.

In the second year of Republican control of the statehouse, lawmakers have voted both a second and third times to override Tomblin vetoes.

A simple majority in both chambers voted Friday to make the prevailing wage repeal and Right-to-Work bills law.