Texting, texts


High school seniors in West Virginia who sign-up to receive text message reminders for college preparedness are doing better in their first-year of college, according to a recent study. And findings show this prep tactic is even more effective in rural areas. West Virginia Public Broadcasting explored why and brings you this report.


We use text messaging for a variety of things; to chat with family and friends, to check-in with a coworker, or send a photo, but what about for academics?

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has been a pioneer in helping to develop a national text message counseling program that helps first-time college students transition more easily into college life. This year, that program goes statewide.

Smartphone App Stops Texting While Driving

Apr 2, 2014
courtesy Mobile Life Solutions, LLC

Texting while driving is illegal in West Virginia, but technology is being used to guarantee that you can’t text from behind the wheel. 

Mobile Life Solutions of Louisville, Kentucky has developed an app called TextLimit. It makes a phone incapable of using once the vehicle gets to a certain speed.  The app is available for free to West Virginia drivers.