EU Ambassador to U.S. Visits Morgantown

Apr 23, 2014
West Virginia University

A native of Portugal, Joao Vale De Almeida is a fan of soccer and port wines. He’s the European Union’s ambassador to the United States and this was his first trip to West Virginia.

De Almeida spoke to several hundred WVU students about the need for collaboration between America’s government and the European Union as the world’s economy continues to move forward following harsh fiscal times in the last several years. The Ukraine-Russian tension is something De Almeida is paying attention to. He says problems there have the ability to inflict problems on the world economy.

WVU Professor Talks Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Mar 13, 2014
West Virginia University

Tensions are high as negotiations continue over whether Russian forces will leave Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. One West Virginia University professor is hoping the conflict is able to come to an end.

West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

One West Virginia University professor is hoping the conflict in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula is able to come to an end soon. Documentary photographer Roger May launches a project aimed at evaluating what Appalachia looks like 50 years after President Lyndon B. Johnson launched a 'War on Poverty.' Juice bars, which celebrate all things organic, are becoming more and more popular around the state.