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On this West Virginia Morning, abortion and water resources are debated in the legislature; Jessica Lilly let's us in on how grade school kids are getting their groove on; and we hear about this year's Fasnacht festival in Helvetia.

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The West Virginia Senate has passed legislation requiring physical activity for students.
Under the Move to Improve Act, elementary school students must participate in 30 minutes of physical education three days a week.

The House of Delegates responds to accusations that the triple committee reference of the Senate's chemical spill bill means certain demise. The Senate plans to get children exercising, rehabilitation programs to quell prison overcrowding, and a bill to create a future fund for mineral severance taxes. Former Charleston Daily Mail business editor and current West Virginia Press Association writer George Hohmann talks Senator John Unger's 'Move to Improve' initiative and minimum wage. Eric Eyre of The Charleston Gazette discusses prescription-only pseudoephedrine legislation aimed at stifling meth production.