John Buckley

The Secretary of State’s office is among the six Constitutional Offices on the election ballot next month.

The race for Secretary of State is more crowded this election cycle than in years past. There are three candidates running for the office-- Libertarian John Buckley, Republican Mac Warner and Democratic incumbent Natalie Tennant.

Buckley campaign

“I’m a candidate for the third party called the Libertarian party. It’s different from the republican and democrats, but I think it takes the best of both: low taxes and small government, but individual freedom, personal freedom and I don’t think either party stands for that combination. So that’s what I’m trying to offer the voters of West Virginia this year. A new choice. We can do something different! Thank you very much.” John Buckley approaches person after person during an outdoor concert in downtown Charleston earlier this summer, shaking hands and presenting each with a pamphlet.

It's looking unlikely that West Virginia's two main contenders for an open U.S. Senate seat will debate again before Election Day.

Republican Shelley Moore Capito won't attend a West Virginia Public Broadcasting debate Friday. Democrat Natalie Tennant, Libertarian John Buckley, Bob Henry Baber of the Mountain Party and Phil Hudok of the Constitution Party will participate.

Capito's campaign said the congresswoman will be on her previously scheduled bus tour.

When voters take to the polling place this November, they'll decide between five candidates vying for Sen. Jay Rockefeller's seat in the U.S. Senate. Most will recognize the names 'Tennant' and 'Capito,' but what about Baber, Buckley, and Hudok?

The three third party candidates for Senate, Bob Henry Baber of the Mountain Party, John Buckley of the Libertarian Party and Phil Hudok of the Constitution Party, talk about what they have to offer West Virginians when representing them at the federal level.