Berkeley Springs

Arts & Culture
7:30 pm
Thu December 11, 2014

Author Details New Work About Lincoln Assassination

Author, Ed Steers
Credit Liz McCormick / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Dr. Samuel Mudd, the physician who set John Wilkes Booth’s leg after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, has been portrayed in a variety of media as an innocent victim who was wrongly accused for conspiring with Booth.

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7:57 am
Wed December 3, 2014

December 3, 1787: James Rumsey Tests First Steamboat Near Shepherdstown

Spectators gathered in Shepherdstown along the banks of the Potomac River to watch history being made.
Credit e-wv, The West Virginia Encyclopedia online.

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Art Voice
9:00 am
Sun May 25, 2014

Morgan County Couple Wants You to Meet Local Artists

Jack Kelly and Marla Carr
Credit Cecelia Mason / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Many artists, crafts people and musicians have made Appalachia their home, contributing to the culture and economy. A Morgan County couple is working to document the local arts scene through an online video project called ArtVoiceWV.

Jack Kelly is a retired public television documentary filmmaker. He and his wife Marla Carr moved to Berkeley Springs a little over a year ago.

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5:45 pm
Wed May 14, 2014

Updated: Leaks at W.Va. Silica Plant Stopped, No Injuries

Crews are cleaning up a leak of hazardous materials at a sand plant in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. U.S. Silica spokesman Michael Lawson said Wednesday about 600 gallons of sulfuric acid leaked Tuesday from the company's plant in Berkeley Springs. About 300 gallons of caustic soda leaked from a tank adjacent to the sulfuric acid tank.

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Charity Auction
2:38 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

Handmade Quilts Blanket Berkeley Springs

Quilt Guild Member Jane Frenke takes a quilt square from the stack for the 'parade of quilts' at a recent meeting.
Credit Cecelia Mason / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Berkeley Springs is generally known as a spa and arts town, and right now quilts are the primary form of art on display. Quilt squares are hanging at the local art center, The Ice House, and at businesses throughout downtown.

Every year the Delectable Mountains Quilt Guild auctions off the squares to benefit a local charity.

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West Virginia Morning
8:20 am
Wed April 30, 2014

How's Our Air?, Stereotyping Young West Virginians That Stay, & A Berkeley Springs Quilt Auction

The American Lung Association says air pollution in the state's metropolitan areas has generally improved but there’s more ozone, or smog, in every county where it was measured. Young people that choose to stay in West Virginia often find themselves stereotyped by those who've left for other opportunities. Also, quilts are the primary form of art on display in Berkeley as the annual Delectable Mountains Quilt Guild’s Yard Square Quilt Auction kicks off.  

After the Water Crisis
10:49 am
Sun February 23, 2014

What Does the World's Best Water Smell Like? (Hint: It's Not Black Licorice)

Judge Michael Cervin smelling the water at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition

When I signed up to be a judge at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, I thought it would just be a bit of fun -- a relaxing weekend in an historic West Virginia mountain spa town.

Then came the water crisis: a massive spill of the coal-cleaning chemical MCHM into our water supply, and more than a week under a “do not use” order.

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12:23 am
Sun February 23, 2014

And The Winner Is...International Water Tasting Results Are In

24th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition, Berkeley Springs, W.Va. Feb. 22, 2014

  The 24th Annual International Water Tasting took place Saturday in Berkeley Springs, W.Va., and a Canadian  town walked away with the trophy for Best 

  Municipal Tap Water.

Among the judges for this year's competition was West Virginia Public Broadcasting Executive Director Scott Finn, who documented the event including a popular activity after the winners are announced, the "water rush" where members of the audience get to grab as much free bottled water as they can carry.

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