Amateur astronomers are seeking nice dark places where they can watch the nighttime sky.  They just might find it in Calhoun County.

Saturday night stargazers will set up their equipment in a park near Grantsville to see just how dark it is.

Tim Ezzell is a researcher at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  He’s leading a team of other UT researchers and officials in Calhoun County to determine if this area is dark enough to become an attractive tourist destination.

“We looked at maps and charts and sure enough Calhoun was about the darkest place left in the Eastern United States," Exell explained.  

West Virginia Department of Commerce

Blackwater Falls State Park is hosting a free viewing of an annual meteor shower Monday, August 11th and Tuesday, August 12th.

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WVU astronomer calls new discovery 'a puzzle'

Jan 15, 2014
West Virginia University

There’s an ongoing debate over whether funding will be able to continue for the Green Bank telescope in Pocahontas County. But the telescope is still making remarkable astronomical discoveries, including one that’s being called a “puzzle” by West Virginia University astronomers.