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Story of the Jews
10:00 am
Mon February 24, 2014

Holocaust Survivor Says Forgive But, Don’t Forget

Daniel Kereth of Bluefield, a Holocaust survivor.

As national Holocaust Day of Remembrance approached, 92 year old Holocaust survivor Daniel Kereth said years on the run and in prison were life-defining.

As Kereth prepared to speak at a remembrance ceremony at Mountain State University in 2011, Suzanne Higgins visited him in his home in Bluefield.


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12:23 am
Sun February 23, 2014

And The Winner Is...International Water Tasting Results Are In

24th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition, Berkeley Springs, W.Va. Feb. 22, 2014

  The 24th Annual International Water Tasting took place Saturday in Berkeley Springs, W.Va., and a Canadian  town walked away with the trophy for Best 

  Municipal Tap Water.

Among the judges for this year's competition was West Virginia Public Broadcasting Executive Director Scott Finn, who documented the event including a popular activity after the winners are announced, the "water rush" where members of the audience get to grab as much free bottled water as they can carry.

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Inside Appalachia Podcast
7:00 am
Sat February 22, 2014

Growing Grapes on Stripped Land, Putting Frack Waste in Landfills, Finding Lost Poets and More

Some land in Wise Virginia has gone from producing coal, to producing grapes.

West Virginians debate whether frack waste should be dumped in local landfills.

Two long forgotten African American poets are recognized.

And we learn more about jazz pianist Bob Thompson.

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First Lady Doll
6:32 pm
Thu February 20, 2014

Joanne Jaeger Tomblin - What A Doll!

First Lady Joanne Jaeger Tomblin poses with the doll created in her likeness.
Credit Steve Rotsch / W.Va. Governor's Office

First Lady Joanne Jaeger Tomblin today unveiled the newest commemorative doll in the First Ladies of West Virginia doll collection.   The doll  was hand-sculpted by Washington, D.C.-based artist Ping Lau and features First Lady Tomblin in her Inaugural Ball gown.

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History & Culture
2:10 pm
Thu February 20, 2014

Forgotten Black Poets of WWI Era Featured on New Website

Jean Barnes Peters talks to WVU Professors Dr. Joel Beeson and Dana Coester in 2010 at the opening of the Soldiers of the Coalfields exhibit at the Kimball War Memorial.
Credit A.J. Lawson / WVU School of Journalism

The nation’s first and only building memorializing African American veterans of WWI is located in Kimball, W.Va. and Thursday evening a celebration of Black History Month will take place there that highlights the work of two previously unrecognized poets from the era.

The two poets were sisters from Beckley who at age 17 and 18 attended the West Virginia Colored Institute, which is now West Virginia State College. An 83 page hard back book featuring their poetry was published in 1919.

Discovering the Book

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3:08 pm
Wed February 19, 2014

W.Va. Senate Moves to Include Prep Teams in WVSSAC

Credit Huntington Prep Website

The Senate has advanced a bill to recognize college preparatory teams as members of the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission.
The bill approved Wednesday allows college prep sports teams to elect to be members of the activities commission and compete against other area high schools and attend conferences and national tournaments.

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Water Woes
1:54 pm
Wed February 19, 2014

What Is Being Done to Help Folks Without Potable Water in Wyoming Co.?

This is what water looks like in the towns of Bud and Alpoca in Wyoming Co., W.Va.

The folks in a Wyoming County community were dealing with unpotable water months before the chemical spill in Charleston.

About 170 customers, around 500 people, have been on a boil water advisory since September.

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Winter Weather
12:40 pm
Tue February 18, 2014

Listen: A West Virginia Superintendent Sings to Announce Closings, Delays

Fayette County Superintendent of Schools Keith Butcher

Winter weather has shut down government offices, shopping malls and, of course, public schools. School was in session for President’s Day in some schools systems in order to make up for snow days.

There’s no doubt that children look forward to the automated calls from school administrators canceling or delaying school days. But some working parents dread those calls since another snow day means another day to find child care or even miss work.

Fayette County Superintendent Keith Butcher is hoping to ease the tension by adding a melody to the message.

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Underground Injection Well
4:12 pm
Fri February 14, 2014

DEP Orders Fayette County Waste Pit Shutdown, Renews Well Permit

Brown liquid covers the outside of the waste pit on Danny Webb Construction's site. Residents have been concerned the pit is leaking for years.
Credit Jessica Lilly / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has renewed a permit for an underground injection well in Fayette County that accepts fracking water and other waste.

A public hearing in 2013 brought concerned residents and former workers of Danny Webb Construction, the owner of the site. Residents have been concerned about the site for years.

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Snow Day
10:41 am
Fri February 14, 2014

Shutdowns, Shoveling, and Sleighriding: A W.Va. Winter Story

Several businesses in Mercer County were closed or shutdown early on Thursday because of the winter weather.
Jessica Lilly

Several public school systems across the state remained closed Friday. It was the same story at several universities and colleges. Some West Virginians are still digging out of a deep snow that fell over Wednesday and Thursday.

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Inside Appalachia
7:00 am
Sat February 8, 2014

Creation v. Evolution, Water Testing 101, It's a Good Year for Snowshoeing, and More

It was evolution versus creationism during a high profile debate in Kentucky.

Contaminated water is still a hot topic in West Virginia and we have a primer on testing it.

Regulating gas drilling has been a concern for a long time and there are lessons to learn from the past.

And it’s a good year to pick up the sport of snowshoeing.

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History & Culture
11:43 am
Fri February 7, 2014

W.Va. Group to Start 'Rosie The Riveter' Movement

Credit National Museum of American History / Smithsonian Institution

A West Virginia group dedicated to honoring the working women of World War II wants to start a national movement.
     "Thanks! Plain and Simple" executive director Ann Montague says a public meeting will be held Friday afternoon at Huntington's Pullman Plaza Hotel.

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Groundhog Day
9:28 am
Tue February 4, 2014

Concord Charlie Agrees with Punxsutawney Phil for Groundhog Day Prediction

This year's Groundhog Watcher, Greg Puckett, speaks at the traditional Groundhog Day breakfast at Concord University.

The last few weeks, most of West Virginia has endured bitter cold and snowy weather. Many residents were hoping the famed furry friends would bring predictions of an early Spring.

On Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania predicted six more weeks of winter after seeing his shadow. But French Creek Freddie emerged from the West Virginia Wildlife Center in Upshur County and did not see his shadow. According to Groundhog Day tradition, that means an early spring.

Perhaps the dispute can be settled with the folk tale friend, Concord Charlie. 

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11:23 am
Sat February 1, 2014

Charles Town Casino Copes with Md. Competition

Credit flipchip /

As competition increases from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland, West Virginia casinos are losing customers.
     And the lost revenue is poking a hole in the state's tax base and budget.

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Inside Appalachia
7:00 am
Sat February 1, 2014

Disposing of Frack Waste, Clean Water Education in Virginia, The Pink Teepee, and More

The natural gas boom begs the question: what do you do with the waste?

A Virginia learning center focuses on good water stewardship.

3-D printers help Marshall University students learn human evolution.

And…what is that pink, teepee-shaped building in Pocahontas County, W.Va., anyway?

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WVU Sports
6:53 pm
Mon January 6, 2014

WVU Basketball Hoping for Big Things in Second Big 12 Season

WVU men's basketball coach Bob Huggins (center) is hoping for better results in 2014.
Credit Creative Commons Photo

West Virginia’s men’s team is coming off of a season last year where they only won 13 games. It was the worst season in a decade for the program, and one of Coach Bob Huggins’ worst as a head coach.

One problem the team endured  was an exhaustive travel schedule, traveling  more than 30,000 air miles, since many of the Big 12 schools are in Texas. Huggins says an adjusted travel schedule this year, which allows for the team to stay in that state for two games instead of flying back and forth, has helped.

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Inside Appalachia
7:00 am
Sat January 4, 2014

Ky. Budget Looks Bleak, Changing W.Va. Politics, Acid Mine Drainage In Art, Annual Bird Count & More

Kentucky lawmakers face tough money decisions this year.

Is West Virginia moving from blue to red?

Some Pennsylvania artists find a good use for acid mine drainage.

And bird counters are documenting the winter population.

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10:57 am
Thu January 2, 2014

James "Buck" Harless Dead at 94

James "Buck" Harless, International Industries, dies at age 94.
Credit Marshall University

Ninety four-year-old James "Buck" Harless has passed away. Harless was born in Gilbert, W.Va. in Mingo County and worked as a miner for the Red Jacket Coal Company for several years after high school.

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11:49 am
Mon December 30, 2013

Detained Juveniles Celebrate Vets for Christmas

The Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Center in Davis is the largest juvenile detention facility in the state with room for 84 juveniles. The minimum security facility features a program called Governor’s Adolescent Leadership Academy (GALA). Cabinet Secretary of the WV Dept. of Military Public Affairs and Safety, Joseph Thornton, says when the facility was being built several years ago, the intention was to go beyond establishing required vocational and educational programs.

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11:26 am
Thu December 26, 2013

Bald Eagle from W.Va. Bird of Prey Center Dies

Credit West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center

The most prominent resident of a bird rehabilitation center in Fairmont has died.

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