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The Friends of West Virginia Public Broadcasting are sponsoring a campaign to make sure WVPB stays #BackInTheBudget - find our more here:

Former coal miner Robert Bailey says WVPB helped get him a life-saving lung transplant - hear his amazing story below.

West Virginia faces a budget crisis, and state funding for West Virginia Public Broadcasting is at risk.

On March 18, Governor Jim Justice asked the Legislature to put West Virginia Public Broadcasting back in the budget: "Public Broadcasting is important to our state and our people, and I don’t want to see it disappear...The programs on Public Broadcasting help promote our state to the world and educate our people,” he said.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is an indispensable resource for education, news and public affairs, emergency communications and economic development. For every $1 the state invests in it, WVPB matches it with $1. For more info on WVPB's budget, click here.

WVPB operates a statewide network of 17 radio and 10 television transmitters and our website,, reaching all of West Virginia to provide free educational programming. An estimated 265,000 people viewed WVPB in the February 2016 Nielsen rating period. More than 100,000 listeners tuned to WVPB radio stations each week in the fall ratings period. More than 1 million unique visitors came to in 2016.

WVPB produces Mountain Stage, West Virginia’s calling card to the world. More than 13,000 people attended a Mountain Stage concert in West Virginia last year, leading to more than $1 million in direct economic impact.

More than 10,800 people are active donors/members of West Virginia Public Broadcasting, providing an annual donation that matches the state’s investment. Here's how you can become a member or increase your donation.

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WVPB provides PBS Kids programming to low-income children who need it the most - 67 hours per week on WVPB's main PBS channel, as well as a new 24/7 PBS Kids Channel.

More than 6,000 educators and homeschoolers also depend on videos and curricula on our West Virginia Learning Media website.

WVPB provides 1,800 hours of West Virginia programming plus 600 hours of state legislature coverage each year.

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WVPB provided emergency communication services during June 2016 Floods. This included emergency information before, during and after the disaster, on TV, radio, our website and social media. After the 2016 floods, WVPB helped to raise funds through a telethon and raised awareness through a special Inside Appalachia TV special.

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