Young and Poor in West Virginia

Coming in 2014!

In 2014 we will mark the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, yet more than one in four children in West Virginia still grow up living below the federal poverty line. One in ten West Virginia children still lives in deep poverty. For a family of four that’s an annual income of less than $11,400. Often lack of information, misinformation, or oversimplification of their situation results in impatience, blame, and even anger toward poor families.

The goal of award-winning filmmaker John Nakashima is to make accessible in a one-hour program the best analysis and the best explanations of what being poor does to people and communities in West Virginia, and to present the best ideas on shrinking the problem. Interwoven with the analysis will be a look at the lives of several children and the challenges they face being young and poor in West Virginia.