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11/17/2017: Taxes, trade deficits and peanut butter

Nov 17, 2017

On today's Weekly Wrap, we're consumed by tax reform and discuss voodoo economics, which is a euphemism for trickle-down economics coined by a Republican. Then it's on to President Trump's goal to reduce the U.S. trade deficit and whether or not the tax plan could further that. And in Zimbabwe, negotiations continue for a political settlement after Tuesday's intervention by the country's military. Finally, we play a clip from this season of The Uncertain Hour about how one ordinary citizen helped change the peanut butter industry.

Catherine Rampell of The Washington Post and Linette Lopez of Business Insider join us to discuss this week’s business and economic news. We discuss the viability of trickle-down economics, the concept the new GOP tax bill is built upon, and it’s rocky history in the public eye. We also talk about the differing versions of the tax bill going through both the Senate and the House. Plus, how will this tax bill truly affect both smaller and larger businesses? 

Save the world by scaling down your Thanksgiving turkey

Nov 17, 2017

It's the weekend before Thanksgiving, and odds are, you already have a menu in mind, whether it is family traditions, potluck plans or maybe even some new recipes. Mark Bittman, author of "How To Cook Everything" and, most recently, the new edition of "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian," hopes it won't be meat. 

NFL owners may be headed for a showdown

Nov 17, 2017

This has not been the greatest of seasons for the NFL.

There's been the political turmoil over players taking a knee during the national anthem, the declining television audiences, and there's now some boardroom drama in a $14 billion-a-year enterprise. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is in a back and forth with his fellow owners over whether to renew Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract.

So far, Jones has tried to slow or halt the negotiations. And his interference is threatening to become a PR problem for the NFL. 

What’s peanut butter?

That’s the question the Food and Drug Administration was trying to answer in 1959. You’d think it’d be an easy one. They did too.

Federal regulators first set the definition of peanut butter at 95 percent peanuts, five percent sweeteners, oils, and other stuff. Because that’s what peanut butter is, the FDA reasoned. It’s peanuts.

What they didn’t know is that first, short memo would set off a long, complicated legal battle that would change the way we think about food in this country.

This week we're taking a new look at some favorite stories we've covered this year — and what's happened since. We're taking a look at whether states are constitutionally obligated to teach kids how to read, the consequences of ID theft, and how digital apps like Instagram are changing the physical world. Plus, veggie delights for Thanksgiving and the growth of vegan food chains. 

(Markets Edition) With Republicans racing to approve legislation that would overhaul America's tax system, we'll hear from Diane Swonk — CEO of DS Economics — about the math behind the plan. These tax cuts could end up adding to the deficit, which Swonk says will create "liabilities" for future generations.

Tesla unveils an electric truck, but will it catch on?

Nov 17, 2017

CEO Elon Musk said the new electric Tesla trucks will have a range of about 300 miles. But truckers may not want to pay for the cleaner ride.

Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

Holiday travel up with consumer confidence

Nov 17, 2017

A resurgence is stocks, healthier home values and a low unemployment rate is boosting consumer optimism, which in turn means even more people are expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday.

Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

It’s 2017 and for the first time ever, the majority of Americans no longer prefer a male boss to a female boss, according to a new Gallup survey of 1,028 adults. When asked, 55 percent said it did not matter to them if their manager was male or female. That’s up from 46 percent in 2014.

Interestingly enough, women are more likely to have a preference than men and up till this year that preference used to be for a male boss.

(U.S. Edition) The Republican tax overhaul — which calls for a reduced corporate tax rate of 20 percent — has now passed in the House. There's been a lot of debate over how much this bill will help American taxpayers. One noted economist who argues that it won't: Jeffrey Sachs, who joined our show today.

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … The CEO and executives from Japan’s second-biggest car-maker Nissan plan to return part of their pay, following an investigation into a vehicle inspection scandal that led to the recall of 1.2 million cars. Afterwards: the credit ratings agency Moody's has upgraded India for the first time in nearly 14 years, putting one of the world's fastest growing economies on par with the Philippines and Italy.  Then we hear from the Indian city of Mumbai about the ongoing struggle for latrine provisions ahead of World Toilet Day this weekend.

Corporate tax cuts: "a heist" or a way to raise wages?

Nov 17, 2017

A centerpiece of the planned GOP tax overhaul has been to lower the corporate tax rate, which Republicans have argued will push companies to invest more at home.

Earlier this week, Uber announced progress toward a massive investment from the Japanese conglomeration SoftBank. If the deal goes through, it will be worth about $10 billion. But that’s not all. The deal would require changes to the board that would take power away from former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talked with analyst and venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky about what the deal means and if it’s likely to move forward.

Trump's tax returns are under lock and key

Nov 16, 2017

You might think I'm making this up, but I promise you I'm not.

Politico did an interview with the departing head of the Internal Revenue Service, John Koskinen. Among other interesting tidbits, Koskinen said they're building a special safe to hold presidential tax returns. All of them. But, uh, where is it now? Here's Politico's Michael Grunwald:

Michael Grunwald: You know I've got to ask — are his taxes really being audited?

Why the pass through tax is important for businesses

Nov 16, 2017

Today the House passed its version of the tax bill. It has yet to be voted on in the Senate. To get a sense of how the bill could affect people in the economy Kai sat down with Ed Fryar, owner of the growing business Ozark Mountain Poultry.  Below is an edited version of their conversation.

Kai Ryssdal: First of all, how's the chicken business doing?

AT&T and Sinclair Broadcast Group want to increase their market share of TV stations and national TV networks. The two would-be buyers face a complicated regulatory path. But that's where their tales diverge, leaving some analysts scratching their heads. That's because Sinclair's proposed $3.9 billion acquisition of Tribune Media appears headed for smooth sailing before the Federal Communications Commission, which voted Thursday to relax its ownership rules.

Puerto Rico still has no power

Nov 16, 2017

The latest information out of Puerto Rico indicates that less than half of the island has electrical power. That means hospitals, supermarkets and small business are still struggling to literally and figuratively keep the lights on. Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O'Leary has been reporting from Puerto Rico. She talked with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal about the situation on the ground. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. 

For producer DeVon Franklin, Christian films merge his passion and his faith

Nov 16, 2017

You may not have heard of him unless you're a Hollywood insider, but DeVon Franklin, the CEO and founder of Franklin Entertainment, is arguably the person behind wide-release Christian films.

Many British businesses are complaining about Brexit. They fear that when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union as scheduled at the end of March 2019, the country will lose its free and frictionless access to the huge European market on its doorstep. But one beleaguered British industry sees departure in a much more optimistic light. After decades of decline, many of the U.K.’s fishermen believe Brexit will be their salvation.

Marketplace traveled to England’s largest fishing port, at Newlyn in the southern county of Cornwall, to test the waters.