Worldwide Candle Light Vigil Planned in Response to Elk River Chemical Spill

Jan 20, 2014

Many residents affected by the Elk River chemical spill contend that their water is still not safe to drink. Groups across the world are organizing candlelight vigils in response to the Elk River chemical spill, "in solidarity with West Virginians; to honor and protect all water."

Candles lit in Alabama for West Virginian residents.
Credit Jennie Jane Hargrove

In an email, environmental groups such as Coal River Mountain Watch, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, and Keepers of the Mountains invited others to attend a vigil in Charleston and encouraged people to start their own.

Since then, prayers groups, churches, Catholic sisters, concerned citizens, and schools appear to have organized vigils in their own towns.

Those wanting to participate are encouraged to bring a candle and even a sign to the ceremony of choice. Some in state are planned for Charleston at the Capitol, at Dayfly Books in Princeton, or at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling.

Candle lit vigil at the Capitol 1/21/14
Credit Perry Bennett / Flickr

Other ceremonies are expected to happen in states such as New York, Georgia, and California as well as in other countries such as India and Canada.

The vigils are expected to begin at 6 tomorrow evening.