Set your Thanksgiving table with these scrumptious holiday tips

Nov 24, 2013


Sunday, Nov. 24 Noon to 6 p.m. on WV PBS.2

It's that time of year again...Turkey time! The family is coming over for a feast, and you and your guests will be Thank-full with the help of master chefs Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. While style experts Katie Brown and Christy Rost will offer tips to bring a festive look to your dinner table. This Thanksgiving dinner, with all the bells and whistles, will be talked about for years to come!Noon – Burt Wolf: Taste of Freedom --“Thanksgiving” Discover why it took until 1941 to be a holiday and how the bald eagle became the national bird.12:30 p.m. -- Katie Brown Workshop – “Harvest” No-carve Pumpkins, a coffee-stained cork menu, Roast Turkey, wild rice stuffing and pumpkin pie.1:00 p.m. -- Chef Paul Prudhomme's Always Cooking! – “How to Make A Turducken” A turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, with oyster dressing inside the chicken.1:30 p.m. -- Katie Brown Workshop – “Home for the Holidays” Roasted Turkey, Garlic Potatoes, a wreath made from rope and a "gourdgeous" fall centerpiece.2:00 p.m. -- Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home – “(Not-Quite-Traditional) Roast Turkey Dinner” Roast Turkey is served with sausage, cornbread stuffing, creamed onions and Cranberry-Apple Chutney.2:30 p.m. -- Home for Christy Rost: Thanksgiving --  The chef shares seasonal recipes and showcases the renovation of her 19th-century mountain estate.3:30 p.m. -- America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated – “A Slow and Easy Thanksgiving” A slow and easy Thanksgiving with Braised Turkey and Bread Stuffing are made.4:00 p.m. – Cooking with Julie Taboulie – “Thanksgiving Traditions Take A Twist” Tasty recipes include Farjee, Cornish hens stuffed with Ruz bi Heshwi, baked to golden brown.4:30 p.m. -- Heirloom Meals' Thanksgiving -- Cranberry-stuffed Acorn Squash, Brazilian Cheese Rolls and Chipotle-spiced Pumpkin Pie are served.5:30 p.m. – Christina – “With Gratitude” It's time to count our blessings and create a feast that will win hearts and minds and waistlines.

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