Rockefeller Wants More Answers from Water Company

Jan 22, 2014

U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller has written to West Virginia American Water for a second time since the chemical leak at Freedom Industries January 9.

In a letter sent this morning he asked West Virginia American Water President Jeff McIntyre to respond by Friday, Jan. 24.

Sen. Rockefeller is demanding more information from West Virginia American Water.
Credit Politico

Rockefeller states he’s deeply concerned that after the “do not use” ban was lifted for people living in Buffalo, Fraziers Bottom and Pliny, further tests revealed levels of Crude MCHM higher than 1ppm.

“What assurances can be given to your customers that levels will not spike again in this area or elsewhere?” the senator wrote.

Rockefeller also asks if it is possible for the chemical to be undetected in distribution pipes, water towers or water company carbon filters that would contribute to elevated chemical levels at the end of the distribution system.

Rockefeller asks for transparency in the testing process and the posting of details about sampling and testing in a timely manner.

Among several other questions, the senator also asks for the company’s plan to address the new discovery that PPH was also leaked.

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