Missing Person in Greene Co. Gas Well Explosion Was a Morgantown Resident

Feb 20, 2014

Candlelight Vigil, Betts Park, Warren, PA

27-year old Ian McKee of Morgantown has been identified as the missing and feared-dead employee from the recent Greene County gas well explosion.

McKee was an employee of Cameron International, a contractor to Chevron, and his friends say he was onsite when the gas well exploded last week.

McKee and much of his immediate family are from Warren, Pa.

Initially, the Pennsylvania State Police set up a two-mile perimeter around the burning gas well. Then, the Wild Well Control crew from Houston, Texas, couldn’t get closer than a half mile because of the heat.

Officials reported earlier this week that the search continues, but if the missing employee is confirmed to have died in the explosion, it will be Chevron’s first Marcellus operations-related fatality.